July 14, 2005

Am I weird?

Please tell me if I am the only one that is like this. When I buy something new, it takes me forever to use it. I am especially this way with clothes. I will buy or get something new and it will sit in my closet waiting for a special occasion. I also do this with candles. Heck! I do it with most things. Is that weird?

I think my time on vacation has ruined me for work. I just cannot get into the grove. Maybe I should have come back to work slowly and started out with just half-days. :-)

Maybe I feel this way because it is just too darn hot outside!!! At least it is cooler here at work than back at home! Don't let the hint of scattered showers make you think it will actually rain. I think that is just a hoax so that we don't get too bothered about the heat. The weathermen like to keep us hoping for rain. Heck! Today is the 31st straight day of temps over 100 degrees!

Last night B fell asleep at 7 o'clock so I got the television all to myself. I was able to watch the 2nd disk of season 1 of The 4400. I think I am liking this show and have been catching the 2nd season episodes on Sunday nights. I find it weird that the entire first season only has 5 episodes. Talk about a short season. I am interested in seeing where this series goes.

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  1. My mom is like that. This is the reason though, that she will only buy $5 tops at WalMart...it means she doesn't feel guilty about wearing them :) lol.

    My boyfriend and I have been TiVo'ing the 4400, and I was into it until the last one we watched, where Isabelle (Isabella?) gets angry at Richard, and puts a mind hold on him in the parking lot...I thought that was just too strange. And the "thugs" in that episode were HORRIBLE actors. Very bad dialogue.

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