July 20, 2005

The weekend cannot come fast enough

I cannot wait until Saturday night. On Saturday night I will be getting out of the house and going to the lss (local scrapbook store) to scrap!!! I have not scrapped in so long. The twins are now over one year old and I have yet to scrap any of their pictures! I doubt I will scrap any photos of the twins but at least I will get something done. (I am keeping my fingers crossed as I am famous for attending crops/retreats and barely scrapping one page)

B ticked me off last night so I went for a drive and ended up at the super JoAnn’s. That place is so big and there is so much to see. I kept putting things into my basket and taking them out again. :-) I was good in the scrapbooking section and only bought a pack of white Bazzill cardstock.

They also had some yarn for sale. In fact they had a color that I have wanted to buy for my rectangle shrug but I did not have any of my patterns with me and I knew they did not have enough (3 of one dye-lot/2 of another). Yet again…. Lots of yarn went into the basket and all the yarn came back out of the basket. LOL! The sales were good but there just was not enough of one color.

I then wandered over to the cross-stitch aisle and I was looking at the cross-stitch kits and thinking I would make something for my mother in law for Christmas. I only saw 2 Native American designs and settled on the smaller of the two which was 5x7 in size. (B was no help as when I spoke to him on the phone he told me to choose whatever – Sheesh!) As I was walking away my eye caught on another kit (that would be it over there on the left). It was not a name brand and was sort of buried with everything else. It is so pretty but it is also big. I grabbed it and took it home with me. I opened it up last night, pulled out the pattern and said ‘S***!!!!’ LOL! This pattern is huge! It is 2 pages. The finished size is 11x14. This pattern has so many color changes (that is what the S*** was for). It is going to take me forever! I then started counting the floss and I have been shorted on pretty much every single color. I really want to make this pattern but I don’t think I will finish it by Christmas. I am going to call JoAnn’s and see if they will accept it as a return even though it has been opened. Then I am going to decide on if I want to return it for the smaller kit.

20 days until my job goes away.

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