July 13, 2005

Some days...

Some days I wish I led the life of a cat.

No worries and I would get to sleep all day. My life would be much simpler that is for sure.

I am most definitely not in the mood to work today, but am I ever? I guess I am just not in a very happy mood and that is really not like me. I just feel like griping today.

It is lunch time and I am hungry. I am on a diet and cannot eat. What I can eat is just too sweet for my taste buds today but I am still eating it. I guess that diet Dr. Pepper this morning was not too bright of an idea. I am thinking that is why I am craving 'real' food. It is my own fault really as I only brought fruit for my snacks today. I am sure as the day goes on I will start to feel okay.

Last night I watched Jersey Girl (the new one w/Ben Affleck). This has been on my list to rent for so long but since it is a chick flick it kept getting put at the bottom of the list. B went out last night so I got to stay in and watch it. I thought it was a good movie even though I would have liked a little more. I think this is one of the first movies that I got in the mail, watched that night and returned the next day (today). Now the next on the list is a horror for B so he does not complain about the chick flicks and the television series disks (The 4400 & Scrubs) I have been watching lately. Now when I say lately, I don't mean recently. I could rent a chick flick months ago and that would still be too soon and too many for B. Men! Sheesh!


  1. I totally felt like that yesterday and I always say that. "OH, to be a cat!" a housecat though, not a wild one, that would be scary.

    I like chick flicks but hate that I have to wait so long to see them cuz my bf doesn't watch them. He didn't mind Jersey Girl though.

  2. My cats have it so good. I want someone to take care of me as well as I take care of them. They are in charge and they know it. LOL!

    I liked Jersey Girl. It was a cute movie. Last night I watched ‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman’. I really liked this movie. It was very touching.


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