July 19, 2005

When to stop tanning

All I can say is DANG!

A friend sent this picture to me today. Talk about sun exposure! Looking at it here at work a few of us have noticed that although she is wearing a bikini – the top is more at her waist than where it should be.

I stopped laying sun-tanning back in high school. After seeing this picture I will NEVER lie out in the sun again!


  1. Ew!! That is so disgusting! If she laid down on a leather couch you wouldn't be able to see her!

  2. Okay...I am officially never going out without sunscreen ever again....ewwwww

    Thanks for stopping by my blog...

  3. That is REALLY bad. Gross. Thanks for posting it so I could see it. Well, maybe I could actually have done without seeing that! haha

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