July 25, 2005

I had a blast

I actually feel like I accomplished something this past weekend. I scrapped and got some knitting done. Soon oh so very soon there will be crafty content posted again!

Saturday I cropped with Rachel and Amber and had a fantastic time! I don’t know why I don’t do this more often. (wink wink)

Reading my friend Jenn’s blog today I came across her listing the top 10 things that make her happy right now.

Here are my top 10 (not in any specific order):

1. My day is half over and then I get to go home
2. My work load is extremely slow today
3. I work in an air-conditioned building (poor dh only has a swamp cooler and yet he works for a company that sells A/C’s – go figure)
4. I work with very nice and happy people
50% OF EMPLOYEES ARE GETTING (cannot divulge anymore than that since co-workers read my blog – heck the ones that read it probably wouldn’t care but it is that whole work confidentiality thing).
6. That my co-worker tells me this morning that he wants to call me Liz today. So every time I see him it is “How are you today Liz”, “Good to see you Liz”. I have been laughing all day! He just made my day so much better.
7. That I can make ice tea for free at work
8. That my face is not like an oil slick today (long story short – change in rx has caused some changes, plus the car has no A/C).
9. I am happy to have some girlfriends to scrap with that I really like and looking forward to getting to know better
10. I am SO happy not to be on the phones at work!

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