May 31, 2007


I have worn contacts (off and on) for many years. Because my eyes get pretty irritated and dry when I wear my contacts, I used to only use Opti-Free products. But, when I purchased my recent contacts, the doctor gave me AMO Complete Moisture Plus contact lens solution to use and it worked pretty well and was more inline with my budget.

This week while looking thru old newspapers, I came across a very small article concerning a recall for AMO Complete Moisture Plus contact lens solution. This is the exact same stuff that I use for my contacts! I was very surprised that I have not heard anything on the news about the recall and the article was on a back page and very small. So, I looked it up online last night and the only article I found was from the FDA, dated November 2006 that had a listing of Lot numbers involved. I checked the Lot numbers and the bottles I have are not listed. I am again surprised that a recall from November 2006 is barely now showing in the newspapers. So, I went to the actual AMO website. The information on the actual website is different from what the FDA has posted. The AMO website recall info is dated May 25, 2007. There is not a listing of Lot numbers and from what I can tell it is a recall on ALL bottles of the Complete Moisture Plus. The FDA is not even showing this recent recall, however it bothers me that the company started this recall last year and people are just now hearing about it.

Since I have no experience with other contact lens solutions, I need your help. For those of you that wear contacts, what would you suggest I use?

p.s. ~ I just now did another search online and now the recall is showing on the major news WebPages. I guess we are all just finding out at the same time.

May 29, 2007

Today I feel smart

It feels good to be able to post.

All day yesterday, I did not really think there was a problem with my computer. I was not able to get into Blogger and couldn’t post any comments. I thought it was typical Blogger and planned to wait until it was back up and running. That is until today when I could not get into my bank account. I could not get into any other secure sites either. So off to troubleshoot I went. One thing that I really do love about my previous job was that it taught me how to fix my own computer problems. I even fixed issues I did not know I had. I was never able to download my bank info directly into my Quicken but after what I did today, I am able to do it all (although it does seem to take a lot longer to download than when I do it manually). I am very proud of myself. :-)

Today, I feel smart.

May 26, 2007

My Favorite Things...

…...{at this moment}

1. When B laughs
2. My family
3. The smell of rain in the desert

4. My kitties
5. Mint chocolate chip ice-cream
6. Just made tortillas

7. Dreaming
8. Sleeping in on cold rainy winter mornings
9. Music and

10. My glasses
11. Getting the shot {photo}
12. Hearing from old friends

What are your favorites?

{idea courtesy of Elsie Flannigan}

May 21, 2007

It is all about the TUNES!

Music shopping makes me so happy.

This weekend I bought a couple of new CDs and I have been so happy listening to The Kaiser Chiefs, “Your Truly, Angry Mob.” I am LOVING this CD and the band! You really need to go out and buy it!!!

It has been so long since I bought myself some new tunes. I am usually hesitant on buying new music. It bothers me if I don’t end up liking what I buy. I always get excited when I actually like the entire CD {or at least most of it}.

Another great CD that I bought was Dashboard Confessional “Dusk and Summer.” Cause everyone needs an emo moment. I was a bit bummed to find out that it did not have all the songs I was expecting or that iTunes showed that it had. I guess there is a deluxe version out there that I was not aware of. Sure wish the stores carried that deluxe version too. I will just have to buy the extra versions of the songs when I can. But still….this is another great CD!!! Buy this one too!!!

Now if I can only find any CDs from Vega4. I looked all over town and NO one has any. I really don’t want to buy the CD thru iTunes. Anyone have an idea where I can buy a Vega4 CD?

I am also excited about the new widgets at I love that they refresh from my profile on their own. You can see the actual widgets over there on the left sidebar. I am so easily amused. You should get yourself a account too! Cause it is cool!! :)

May 20, 2007

A quick get-away

Today we went up the Mountain.

May 19, 2007


I guess I kind of forgot I had a blog.

This past week has been a blur and the thing is…I don’t really think I did much of anything. LOL!

On Mother’s Day, I went to spend time with family. It was the first time we got together since my Uncle passed. It was good for me to be there. It was good to spend time with my Mom and with the family.

One of my Aunt’s even made me a birthday cake. My birthday was in February but with everything that was going on, a cake was not top priority. I did not even expect her to make one so it was a nice surprise. So Happy Birthday to me…..again. When I called to see if anyone was home so that I could pick up my cake, my cousin told me it needed a “moist test.” Basically….he wanted a piece. I was planning on giving him one when I went to pick it up. I went the next day and I found that he already performed the “moist test” on my cake. LOL! This is the cake I got. I never knew that a “moist test” required such a large sampling. LOL!

Friday, I got out of the house to run some errands and do some shopping. I really want some Capri pants. I went to one store that was having a sale on Capri pants and they only had 2 sizes! Everyone was asking about other sizes and the gal told me that they would not be getting anymore in since they were basically last season. Now this is where I am confused. It is barely summer. How could they be last season? I did manage to buy a couple of cute tops and some new music, so my day was good.

I wrote in my last post about not being eligible for financial aid. Well I need to contact the financial aid office and speak to them about my situation. I should have called this week but the number was on the computer and I rarely turned the thing on this past week. It is good to get away from the computer sometimes. However it does make for a long blog post.

May 14, 2007

Sometimes I'm a favorite, sometimes I'm not

I have been busy this past week taking even more assessments. I am all tested out! NO more math, PLEASE! My brain hurts!

First, there was the original test I had to take when I first went to job services to show my education placement. Then I had to take another computerized test that again told me my education placement and what jobs I should look into {which was also discussed and tested in the required Employability Skills class}. I really don’t know why that 2nd test was needed but it is a new one that is required.

Today was another long day. I went to the school I want to attend to take the admissions test. I realized I really should eat before I take these tests but I don’t want what I eat to upset my stomach. So, I never eat and then the day just seems to drag and it is hard to concentrate on the test.

After the test, I got some bad news. I passed the test with no problems but it appears that the money I earned last year makes me ineligible for any grant money. {The county will pay from some but I need grants to pay for the rest of the tuition} It does not matter that I have been out of a job for months NOW; it is all dependant on last year. Also, I have too many college credits already. So basically, in order to have someone pay for my school, I need to be dirt poor (longer than I have) and be stupid. I wrote an email to my case worker stating that if I had been told that I was ineligible because of my prior earnings BEFORE I took all these tests then I would not have even bothered. The government sure does make it hard to get money that rightfully belongs to a person. I have never needed it before but now that I do, I am out of luck.

On a better note. Someone picked one of my layouts last I made last year {<--- That one over to the right} as one of their favorite layouts over at SWG. I am really touched. It always surprises me when people like what I make. I don't know why.

May 9, 2007

and today’s title is….

Tuesday I bought some document boxes at Target. I was surprised to see them on the shelf as I have heard lots of chatter on the scrapping boards and I never could find them when I would go out to shop. I bought five and now the hard part...deciding what to put in them.

First, I decided to use one for my chipboard shapes. I have a lot of chipboard. I did not realize how much until I filled one of the boxes. These boxes are not deep but as you can see from the photo, there is a lot of chipboard that can fit in it. I did not have room for my Basic Grey holiday chipboard so that is still in the package. I usually keep everything in it’s packaging. Maybe now that it is all OUT of the packaging I will know just what I have and actually use it. I threw away A LOT of packaging.

I had tons of ideas rushing thru my head on what to put in the boxes but I read that one gal at CMK used hers to store her foam stamps. I have been looking for a solution to organize my foam letter stamps. They fit perfectly in the box and I quickly filled the rest of the boxes I had purchased. I only purchased five but the store had tons so I went back today to buy more. I was surprised to find that they were ALL gone! Even the broken one I saw there the day before. I cannot believe they sold out in just a day! I even went to two Targets!

That did not stop me from spending though. I stopped by one of the local scrapping stores to find they had new stuff that I just had to buy. Then off to Michael’s which should be renamed “Martha’s” I swear the entire area that once housed scrapping supplies is now just Martha Stewart crafts. None of her stuff really jumped out at me. I mainly wanted to find some clear stamps that they sell for $1. I went ALL over the store and finally found where they should be. I missed the boat on those as well as there was only one package left. I did manage to find a rotary cutter on sale for $19.00 {down from $40}. Is that a good price? Do I need this cutter? I don’t know if I should take it back or not.

…and for today’s crafty content I give you this card. I made it for my Aunt. I hope she likes it.

May 8, 2007

Today was Tuesday…

…and I did not realize it until the day was pretty much over. I even looked at the calendar and made appointments. The days really do kind of run together since I have been staying at home. It is hard to believe there is everyday life going on outside my window.

Yesterday’s clouds did not us bring any rain. So, B decided to grill some steaks. {actually he wanted to grill on Sunday but was not feeling well} It was nice not to have to be the one cooking dinner. Since I have been at home, I have been doing more of the cooking that B used to do. B LOVES to cook {he used to work as a chef} and I know he misses it.

Today we had some more pretty clouds. I liked today’s clouds much better. They were fluffier & puffier {still grey} but you could see the sky. Such an awesome blue!! We did not get any rain except for some sprinkles as I brought stuff in from the car. I have a feeling that some parts of town got more rain that we did. Hopefully, there will be actual rain in the near future.

And look at this. Another page scrapped. This time it is pictures of the youngest, the twins. I really do need to hurry up and scrap more. These pictures are from 2004!

May 7, 2007

I am all out of titles

Today seemed to pass by way too quickly. I think it is because I have dial-up. I like to blame EVERYTHING on dial-up! LOL!

Before I knew it, B {or my Scrubby} was home from work and there were grey clouds in the sky. I was surprised to look out the window and see these clouds. It was so shiny just a bit earlier. The tree is what really caught my eye. It does not show up very well in the picture but the bright yellow buds were such a contrast with the darkening sky. I hope we get a little rain from these clouds and that they are not just passing by.

I am still out of work. I have made the decision to go back to school. I called the school today and found out I am not eligible for the class that I wanted to take. Good thing I called them before I filled out all the paperwork. There sure is a lot of paperwork when you go thru a County program but I now know what my next steps are and I hope to make all my testing appointments tomorrow and be on my way to a new career.

Oh and here are the scrapbook pages I completed this weekend for the festivities at CMK. I sure did have fun working on these pages. I think it was just what I needed!

May 6, 2007


Saturday sure was a long day.

My in-laws picked us up and we drove downtown to the Folk Festival. The weather was perfect (even though I did get a bit of a burn on my arms). This was my first time going to the festival and I liked it (although I think I may have been the only one). I would have loved to have gone and just hung out on the grass listening to the music. I have to say I was pretty surprised that I did not run into a single person that I knew. At this event I would have thought that there would have been at least one person. Maybe they all went on Sunday. :)

Most of my time was spent following everyone else around. It seemed liked we were always trying to catch up to where B’s aunt had wandered off to. But, we did get to eat some good food and did a bit of window shopping and while part of the group went to get some cash, I got to listen to some of the performers.

How cool is this?

This is a glass pendant that my M-I-L bought as a gift for B's aunt. I think it is awesome and I want one for myself but they are a bit pricey.

Right across the street from the Festival was the AZ State HOG Rally. Talk about a lot of Harleys!!! I think the news reported that 1,500 cycles were expected.

With the Festival and the Rally, I don’t think I have ever seen so many people downtown at one time.

We were downtown about 4-5 hours and got home before the sun set. That is a good thing since I was able to work a bit on a scrapbook page. I can now say that I did something scrapbook related on National Scrapbook Day! GO ME! I am back on the scrapping bandwagon!

Pictures to come soon. But here is a peak.

All in all it was a good day.

May 5, 2007

Happy National Scrapbook Day!

I hope you are all scrapping the day away!

Me….not so much.

I don't think I will be scrapping today.

B's aunt is in town. He has not seen her since he was about 9-years old. He even took the day off work so he could visit with her. My M-I-L had planned for us to come over for the day. I think we thought we would have the typical visit – hanging around the pool and then eating something. Well….that is not to be.

On Tuesday, I took my M-I-L her birthday card (that's it over there on the left – what do you think?) and she told me that they were thinking of going up the mountain for the day. I was thrilled with that idea and I knew B would love it. She called last night to confirm that we were going up the mountain and that they would pick us up at 11:30am. B got home right after I hung up the phone, he called her back not even 30 minutes later, and the plans had already changed. See…..B's aunt is not just here to visit us but to also visit her first ex-husband (I think that may be the main reason actually). This man has 2 teenage boys and they were going to go up the mountain with us. But, within the time it took me to hang up the phone and B to call his mother back, the plans had changed. It seems these boys did not want to go up the mountain and that we were going to go to the Zoo instead and would be picked up at 1:30pm. Sigh.

So fast-forward to this morning. I hear that the weather is going to be really nice today so going to the Zoo during the hottest part of a desert day won't be so bad. B comes into the room and says his mother called…..well….no Zoo today. NOW we are going to a Folk Art Festival downtown and would be picked up at 12:00/12:30!!!! I have a sinking suspicion that the entire day is going to go like this. I guess I better hurry up and get dressed for this crazy day.

Happy Scrappy Scrappy!!!

Think of me often!! ;)

May 1, 2007

Get your 15 minutes of scrapping fame!

While blog hopping I came across this new blog that gives unpublished scrappers a chance at their 15 minutes of scrapping fame!

Here is a quote from their blog:

"So here's the scoop (as best as I can tell it) Obviously, we're starting a challenge blog highlighting unpublished artists and we made ourselves the design team (cuz we're cool like that). Anyways every 2 weeks we're picking a new guest designer...they must not have been published in a mag or a book. They're going to share a layout and give us all a challenge, then the DT will show their take on the challenge and we'll invite everyone who stops by to do the challenge too and post a link to it in the comments." - summary by Corey

It is a brand new blog and the first challenge was just posted this past weekend.

Check them out!

Your 15 Minutes

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