May 5, 2007

Happy National Scrapbook Day!

I hope you are all scrapping the day away!

Me….not so much.

I don't think I will be scrapping today.

B's aunt is in town. He has not seen her since he was about 9-years old. He even took the day off work so he could visit with her. My M-I-L had planned for us to come over for the day. I think we thought we would have the typical visit – hanging around the pool and then eating something. Well….that is not to be.

On Tuesday, I took my M-I-L her birthday card (that's it over there on the left – what do you think?) and she told me that they were thinking of going up the mountain for the day. I was thrilled with that idea and I knew B would love it. She called last night to confirm that we were going up the mountain and that they would pick us up at 11:30am. B got home right after I hung up the phone, he called her back not even 30 minutes later, and the plans had already changed. See…..B's aunt is not just here to visit us but to also visit her first ex-husband (I think that may be the main reason actually). This man has 2 teenage boys and they were going to go up the mountain with us. But, within the time it took me to hang up the phone and B to call his mother back, the plans had changed. It seems these boys did not want to go up the mountain and that we were going to go to the Zoo instead and would be picked up at 1:30pm. Sigh.

So fast-forward to this morning. I hear that the weather is going to be really nice today so going to the Zoo during the hottest part of a desert day won't be so bad. B comes into the room and says his mother called…..well….no Zoo today. NOW we are going to a Folk Art Festival downtown and would be picked up at 12:00/12:30!!!! I have a sinking suspicion that the entire day is going to go like this. I guess I better hurry up and get dressed for this crazy day.

Happy Scrappy Scrappy!!!

Think of me often!! ;)

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  1. oh my! so where did you end up yesterday? LOL!

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