May 19, 2007


I guess I kind of forgot I had a blog.

This past week has been a blur and the thing is…I don’t really think I did much of anything. LOL!

On Mother’s Day, I went to spend time with family. It was the first time we got together since my Uncle passed. It was good for me to be there. It was good to spend time with my Mom and with the family.

One of my Aunt’s even made me a birthday cake. My birthday was in February but with everything that was going on, a cake was not top priority. I did not even expect her to make one so it was a nice surprise. So Happy Birthday to me…..again. When I called to see if anyone was home so that I could pick up my cake, my cousin told me it needed a “moist test.” Basically….he wanted a piece. I was planning on giving him one when I went to pick it up. I went the next day and I found that he already performed the “moist test” on my cake. LOL! This is the cake I got. I never knew that a “moist test” required such a large sampling. LOL!

Friday, I got out of the house to run some errands and do some shopping. I really want some Capri pants. I went to one store that was having a sale on Capri pants and they only had 2 sizes! Everyone was asking about other sizes and the gal told me that they would not be getting anymore in since they were basically last season. Now this is where I am confused. It is barely summer. How could they be last season? I did manage to buy a couple of cute tops and some new music, so my day was good.

I wrote in my last post about not being eligible for financial aid. Well I need to contact the financial aid office and speak to them about my situation. I should have called this week but the number was on the computer and I rarely turned the thing on this past week. It is good to get away from the computer sometimes. However it does make for a long blog post.

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  1. Happy belated birthday! :-) That cake is making me drool! Did he have to take such a big piece!? Greedy sight! lol
    Thanks for the sock comment and the recipe info. I've been wanting to make tortillas for w while now. When I stop procrastinating, I'll use your recipe. :-)
    Good luck with the financial aid people. Hopefully you get to speak with someone nice and understanding. :-)

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