May 14, 2007

Sometimes I'm a favorite, sometimes I'm not

I have been busy this past week taking even more assessments. I am all tested out! NO more math, PLEASE! My brain hurts!

First, there was the original test I had to take when I first went to job services to show my education placement. Then I had to take another computerized test that again told me my education placement and what jobs I should look into {which was also discussed and tested in the required Employability Skills class}. I really don’t know why that 2nd test was needed but it is a new one that is required.

Today was another long day. I went to the school I want to attend to take the admissions test. I realized I really should eat before I take these tests but I don’t want what I eat to upset my stomach. So, I never eat and then the day just seems to drag and it is hard to concentrate on the test.

After the test, I got some bad news. I passed the test with no problems but it appears that the money I earned last year makes me ineligible for any grant money. {The county will pay from some but I need grants to pay for the rest of the tuition} It does not matter that I have been out of a job for months NOW; it is all dependant on last year. Also, I have too many college credits already. So basically, in order to have someone pay for my school, I need to be dirt poor (longer than I have) and be stupid. I wrote an email to my case worker stating that if I had been told that I was ineligible because of my prior earnings BEFORE I took all these tests then I would not have even bothered. The government sure does make it hard to get money that rightfully belongs to a person. I have never needed it before but now that I do, I am out of luck.

On a better note. Someone picked one of my layouts last I made last year {<--- That one over to the right} as one of their favorite layouts over at SWG. I am really touched. It always surprises me when people like what I make. I don't know why.


  1. I hope something comes through for you someway, somehow. :-) Obstacles can be a pain in the a##!
    Is that an authentic recipe do you think? I wrote it down just in case. :-)


  2. The recipe is my Mom's actual recipe so I guess it would be authentic. However, my Mom never measures anything so it is kind of an estimation. The one thing I would say is that you would want to be careful with the water. What is listed on the recipe may be too much water. You will want to pour it into the mix slowly until the dough is no longer sticky and wet.

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