May 21, 2007

It is all about the TUNES!

Music shopping makes me so happy.

This weekend I bought a couple of new CDs and I have been so happy listening to The Kaiser Chiefs, “Your Truly, Angry Mob.” I am LOVING this CD and the band! You really need to go out and buy it!!!

It has been so long since I bought myself some new tunes. I am usually hesitant on buying new music. It bothers me if I don’t end up liking what I buy. I always get excited when I actually like the entire CD {or at least most of it}.

Another great CD that I bought was Dashboard Confessional “Dusk and Summer.” Cause everyone needs an emo moment. I was a bit bummed to find out that it did not have all the songs I was expecting or that iTunes showed that it had. I guess there is a deluxe version out there that I was not aware of. Sure wish the stores carried that deluxe version too. I will just have to buy the extra versions of the songs when I can. But still….this is another great CD!!! Buy this one too!!!

Now if I can only find any CDs from Vega4. I looked all over town and NO one has any. I really don’t want to buy the CD thru iTunes. Anyone have an idea where I can buy a Vega4 CD?

I am also excited about the new widgets at I love that they refresh from my profile on their own. You can see the actual widgets over there on the left sidebar. I am so easily amused. You should get yourself a account too! Cause it is cool!! :)

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