May 8, 2007

Today was Tuesday…

…and I did not realize it until the day was pretty much over. I even looked at the calendar and made appointments. The days really do kind of run together since I have been staying at home. It is hard to believe there is everyday life going on outside my window.

Yesterday’s clouds did not us bring any rain. So, B decided to grill some steaks. {actually he wanted to grill on Sunday but was not feeling well} It was nice not to have to be the one cooking dinner. Since I have been at home, I have been doing more of the cooking that B used to do. B LOVES to cook {he used to work as a chef} and I know he misses it.

Today we had some more pretty clouds. I liked today’s clouds much better. They were fluffier & puffier {still grey} but you could see the sky. Such an awesome blue!! We did not get any rain except for some sprinkles as I brought stuff in from the car. I have a feeling that some parts of town got more rain that we did. Hopefully, there will be actual rain in the near future.

And look at this. Another page scrapped. This time it is pictures of the youngest, the twins. I really do need to hurry up and scrap more. These pictures are from 2004!

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