May 9, 2007

and today’s title is….

Tuesday I bought some document boxes at Target. I was surprised to see them on the shelf as I have heard lots of chatter on the scrapping boards and I never could find them when I would go out to shop. I bought five and now the hard part...deciding what to put in them.

First, I decided to use one for my chipboard shapes. I have a lot of chipboard. I did not realize how much until I filled one of the boxes. These boxes are not deep but as you can see from the photo, there is a lot of chipboard that can fit in it. I did not have room for my Basic Grey holiday chipboard so that is still in the package. I usually keep everything in it’s packaging. Maybe now that it is all OUT of the packaging I will know just what I have and actually use it. I threw away A LOT of packaging.

I had tons of ideas rushing thru my head on what to put in the boxes but I read that one gal at CMK used hers to store her foam stamps. I have been looking for a solution to organize my foam letter stamps. They fit perfectly in the box and I quickly filled the rest of the boxes I had purchased. I only purchased five but the store had tons so I went back today to buy more. I was surprised to find that they were ALL gone! Even the broken one I saw there the day before. I cannot believe they sold out in just a day! I even went to two Targets!

That did not stop me from spending though. I stopped by one of the local scrapping stores to find they had new stuff that I just had to buy. Then off to Michael’s which should be renamed “Martha’s” I swear the entire area that once housed scrapping supplies is now just Martha Stewart crafts. None of her stuff really jumped out at me. I mainly wanted to find some clear stamps that they sell for $1. I went ALL over the store and finally found where they should be. I missed the boat on those as well as there was only one package left. I did manage to find a rotary cutter on sale for $19.00 {down from $40}. Is that a good price? Do I need this cutter? I don’t know if I should take it back or not.

…and for today’s crafty content I give you this card. I made it for my Aunt. I hope she likes it.


  1. I am a sucker for any box/plastic container! The ones you found are really cool! Too bad so many other people thought so too. :-) That card is really great! I'm sure she'll love it. :-)


  2. Hi Stefani,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! Everyone I meet who goes to Michael's says the same thing now - about how it is all Martha Stewart.

    What clear stamps did you get for a dollar?? I guess I missed that promotion. Oh well - I have so many already!

    I enjoyed reading your blog and will be back! :)

  3. The stamps are from Studio G. I guess they have different series that have come out. I still have not found anymore at the store though.

    If you run a search for "Studio G" it should bring up what they all look like. I think some may have been designed by the same people that make the Autumn Leaves stamps since a few of the stamps are exact replicas - only smaller.

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