May 31, 2007


I have worn contacts (off and on) for many years. Because my eyes get pretty irritated and dry when I wear my contacts, I used to only use Opti-Free products. But, when I purchased my recent contacts, the doctor gave me AMO Complete Moisture Plus contact lens solution to use and it worked pretty well and was more inline with my budget.

This week while looking thru old newspapers, I came across a very small article concerning a recall for AMO Complete Moisture Plus contact lens solution. This is the exact same stuff that I use for my contacts! I was very surprised that I have not heard anything on the news about the recall and the article was on a back page and very small. So, I looked it up online last night and the only article I found was from the FDA, dated November 2006 that had a listing of Lot numbers involved. I checked the Lot numbers and the bottles I have are not listed. I am again surprised that a recall from November 2006 is barely now showing in the newspapers. So, I went to the actual AMO website. The information on the actual website is different from what the FDA has posted. The AMO website recall info is dated May 25, 2007. There is not a listing of Lot numbers and from what I can tell it is a recall on ALL bottles of the Complete Moisture Plus. The FDA is not even showing this recent recall, however it bothers me that the company started this recall last year and people are just now hearing about it.

Since I have no experience with other contact lens solutions, I need your help. For those of you that wear contacts, what would you suggest I use?

p.s. ~ I just now did another search online and now the recall is showing on the major news WebPages. I guess we are all just finding out at the same time.

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