June 2, 2007

It was a Scrappay night...

…and all thru the store the sound of scrapping could be heard.

Last night was awesome! The Scrappay Divas got together for one last crop before one of us moves away. We had a great turnout! Even baby Phin joined us and let me tell ya…he is such a cutie!

I even got one page completed. Yep! One page. Let me tell ya though…one page is awesome for me. Especially when it is totally completed. Everyone liked it, B on the other hand – not so much. But hey! What do men know? I will have to scan and share soon.

I think the pages I was totally awed by were the 6x12 pages that Rachel (with the help of baby Phin) was working on for her vacation album {for those that don’t know…that is a 12x12 layout cut in half ~ See…how smart I am? LOL!} I sure do hope she posts these pages because they are so awesomely fabulous!

After finding the magical “skinny” wall in the store, we all got our picture taken. Of course the wall does not work when you are the one being made to stand in the middle of the group. Here is a picture of all of us: Lisa, Sam, Me, Amber & Rachel. Such fantastic scrappers all!

And check out Scrappin’ Rambo Rachel! {hmmmm maybe this will get her to comment on my blog ~ LOL!}


  1. Too fun! Love how "baby" is being taught to scrap early on! LOL!

  2. But Stefani - the skinny wall enhances your voluptous bosom hee hee!

    It was a super fun night... we need to go back to once a month even though Rachel is deserting us!

  3. I had a great time, and I can't wait to do it again!

  4. Looks like you ladies and Phin had a great time

  5. So glad you all had such fun!

  6. Yes, good times. We must do it again soon -- but not too soon -- I'll be back in town on July 12th -- after that, k? I don't want to miss out! :)

  7. Pat - if he is anything like his mommay he will be a super multi-tasking boy.

    Amber - Like I said that night, it is all in the creative cropping of the photo. LOL :)

    Rachel - Funny, I know - but it sure did get you to comment didn't it? LOL!

    Lisa - It was fun wasn't it?I sure hope you are able to join us the next time we get together. How does next month sound?

    HI Rachel's Mommay Thank you for visiting. :)

    Hi Sarah - Maybe one of these days you will be able to crop with us. :)

    Sam - Sure thing Sam! I am all for scrapping again in July.

  8. July works for me! I'll definitely be there!

  9. Hi Stefani -

    I went to comment on your blog but commented on the wrong one! (The scrappy one!) Anyway - just checking out your blog again and see that you're friends with some SBO girls. Lucky you to have scrapping friends. I have a few myself!

  10. I am the real Rambo Rachel. :-P


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