June 16, 2007

It’s been a couple of days…

…and I am still trying to figure out this haircut thing. I am SO not used to shorter hair. And bangs? Forget it! They are WAY too short. I will just need to play with my hair a bit more. I guess getting my hair cut was more of a shock than I thought – but it was all one length and halfway down my back so this is quite a bit of a change. I think once I dye it and give it a couple of weeks I will LOVE it. At least now it has a style and I know B likes it. It is also much cooler with these 106+ degrees we are having.

Thank you for all the great comments on my new ‘do. Maybe you all can help me. How do I get these bangs NOT to feather? How do I get them to be sideswept to one side? I so need “bang lessons!” Can you help?


  1. Hey Stef!

    I sooo know how you feel about the bangs. Here's what I do:

    Blow them dry with a large round brush, pulling them straight down over your nose. Once they're dry, take some light styling ceam/pommade and finger style them down and to the side of your face. Hope that helps! Also, like you said, in a few weeks you'll get used to styling the 'do and your hair will become "trained".

  2. Mine have some sort of body boosting spray on them, then palmaid and then stif spray to get them to stay to the side.

  3. I totally don't know what to do about styling hair! My advice is to let it air dry with nothing in it and keep everything tucked behind your ears! But then again... I suck when it comes to style! I never use anything in my hair anymore except to dye it now and then. LOL

    Sorry I haven't kept in touch. I just now found your blog. Hope to see you around mine some more. Also we need to get together and go have a drink sometime. Jeff says hi BTW.


  4. Luv your haircut- It seems like here at CMK losing hair length is a requirment :') I luv the style you choose It looks great on you and I hope that you get use to working with your bangs !

    Norma (localocairis)

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