August 29, 2010

Waiting for yarn

I have never purchased yarn online before. I am the type of person that has to feel something in my hands, stand there and stare at it awhile and then take days, weeks or even months to make a decision. I like the instant gratification of the purchase (even if it took me months to make it).

One of my current yarny projects  uses a lot of colors. I finally found a yarn that I liked and ended up buying all the colors in that line that were available at the time. I have never worked on a yarny project with so many colors before, but I decided I wanted to have even more colors. Because 12 different colors is just not enough. This yarn comes in 11 more colors but they are not sold in the store. Well maybe they are but not at any of the stores I went to. Which is surprising since this particular yarn is a big box store type of yarn, not a specialty yarn and not one that I would expect a store to have in limited supply.

So I searched online. I was excited to find that in addition to the usual big box stores (I'm talking Michael's or Joann's here), that Hancock Fabrics also carried this particular brand of yarn. I was excited because there is a store located within walking distance from my house. Even though we moved into our house a year ago, I have never been into this particular store. I called the store to see if they carried this particular brand in the store and was told that they did. I went last week. They had nothing. Seriously, I mean....nothing. And I am not just talking yarn here. The store was pretty bare. Maybe I shouldn't have looked at the website before I went. I had such high expectations and was pretty disappointed in what I saw.

So I took the plunge, I figured since I am familiar with the yarn it would not stress me out to actually buy it online. So I did. Now I wait. But I don't like waiting. It stresses me out.

February 24, 2010: Something scrumptious this way comes

August 28, 2010

Miss Cairo Kitty

If you know me, are a regular reader of this blog or viewed my photos on Flickr you would know that I have cats, two of them in fact. One pleasantly plump, the other....not even close.

Cairo has always been skinny. In fact that is one of her nicknames. But lately she has been getting a little too skinny. You can feel her bones when you pet her. She has always been a good eater and she still is. She has just been losing weight. She is an older kitty, probably over 10-years. I say probably over only because we adopted her when she was supposedly 1-year old.

I tried feeding her canned food to see if she would gain weight. It didn't help. So off she went for a Senior Wellness checkup. We got the results back this morning and she has hyperthyroidism. I have to say I did breathe a sigh of relief. It could have been a lot worse. I picked her up some medication and so far the kitty who is the most difficult kitty to medicate, has been tricked into eating her pills twice. Keep your fingers crossed that she doesn't figure it out.

April 4, 2010: meeoww

March 6, 2010: backyard explorer

March 16, 2010: A cat is a lion in a jungle of small bushes

August 27, 2010

The calm before the storm

To think these pretty fluffy clouds could turn into something not quite so pretty or fluffy.

August 7, 2010

The final lesson

I have finally reached the final lesson of my class. Only 2 more chapters left to read. Yay! Then the real studying begins. 

I plan to take my final in just 3 days! Yikes! I think the only reason I am stressed out about passing the class is because the class is required to keep my job. I think if I was taking these courses on my own it would not be so stressful.

Just think, in 3 days life will start to get back to normal around here. Well that is until I start on the next cluster of classes.

August 1, 2010

The final stretch

The following photo pretty much explains what has been taking up all my extra time these past few months.

March 29, 2010: It's all in the text

I was supposed to have finished the course last month (July) but due to jury duty my class was extended a few extra days. Now I have just one week left before I take my final exam. I don't think it has hit me yet that I only have one week left. I still have a few chapters and lessons to complete.

I sure hope I don't do anything crazy to procrastinate, like for example.... move all the furniture in the living room to clean every single base board, vacuum ALL the furniture, clean the windows or maybe even super scrub the shower. You know all those things you don't do until you absolutely have to. Oh wait....I already did them.

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