January 31, 2010


Today was a good day.

Today I made a friend. 

In order for me to take my final I needed to find a proctor. Someone to sit with me while I took my test. It was really hard for me to find someone that was willing to do this. And I have to say it was pretty depressing too. I finally broke down and posted on Facebook that I needed help. I was so happy when someone responded. I don't think she will ever realize just how much I appreciate her for doing this. I really enjoyed the bit of time we had chatting and I am happy to know her better.

Today I took my final. 

I am happy to say that I passed. Yay! I am really looking forward to my life getting back to normal...well at least for a few weeks.

And to make this day even better, one of my photos {the button heart one} was chosen as today's daily 365 photo over at Shutter Sisters. How cool is that?

Yes....today was a good day.

January 29, 2010

It's the little things

I thought I would share the last couple of photos I uploaded for this year's Project 365. I am really happy with the way they turned out. 

With all my time being used for studying and not much of anything else, I find that just taking that one photo a day is going a long way at keeping me sane. It has become that one tiny bit of creativity, no matter how small that bit is, that gives the day it's spark, calms my anxiety and makes me smile.

January 26, 2010

The end is in sight

January is moving right along. I really cannot believe the end of the month is in sight.

I have not been doing much of anything other than studying. I am tired of studying. I am really looking forward to being finished with this class. That lucky day is the 31st of January. The thing is...this is only the first class. I have a lot more classes to go until I can sit for my certification. I may take a little break before I start on the next one though.

The 3rd week of January was spent pretty much at home. Lots of studying and the weather made it so that being home was a pretty good idea. We actually had a Tornado Watch/Warning this last week. Quite the excitement around here. You don't see that many tornados out here in the desert.

Week 3  (365:2010)

January 17, 2010

...and so ends the 2nd week

The second week of January sure was a busy one. In addition to the usual going to work and coming home to study, I actually got out of the house for fun. Yep. I know you find it hard to believe. Me, the person who never goes anywhere actually did. It was nice to actually have some place to go.

A traveling friend is in town and it was nice to be able to catch up with each other. It has been about a year since she was last here. If only I did not have to worry about completing my class, I would be able to spend more time with her.

Speaking of completing my class...as of today I have 8 chapters to read/tests to take (not including the final) and only 14 days in which to do it. I also still have to find someone to proctor my final. I am finding that to be a very hard task. I cannot have anyone related (or married) to me proctor my final. Since I pretty much only have my family in town it makes it kind of hard to find someone.

Well, I can hear the microwave beeping at me. That means lunch is ready and my blogging time for the day is done. Time to hit the books!

Week 2  (365:2010)

January 10, 2010

One week down, 51 left to go

I find it a bit hard to believe that we just completed the first week of January. It feels as though so much more time has passed. Maybe because my days have been full with going to work, trying to study and starting a new 365 project. Yep, you read that right. I decided to embark on yet another daily photo project. This will be third year of taking a photo-a-day . . . BUT it is the first year where I actually start on the first day of the calendar year.

 Week 1   (365:2010)

2009: A year in photos

I created my blog not only to share but to remember. To remind myself of what I have done. But with only 64 blog posts for 2009, the memories and sharing just has not been there.

I don't really think of my family (the hubby and I) as people who really do much. I mean it is just us and the cats. We don't have kids, we don't really travel, we don't really do anything other than go to work and hang out at home. 2009 brought some pretty significant changes for us. 2009 was to be the year of reconnecting with my past and it did not disappoint. Looking back I have to say that 2009 ended up being a pretty full year for us after all.

Christmas dinner 2008 was such a success that the hubby had to make another prime rib to celebrate his birthday.

the husband made this

...and my sister (who was visiting from France) even got to join us.

An old friend (from high school) came to town for a visit.

Shanka comes to visit

...and I reconnected even more with another.

Oh look! Remember them?

I worked on something theatre related. Helping out backstage is as close as I get now.

Charlie Brown


For my birthday I got a special present.


Which in turn broke our computer so we were forced to upgrade. We finally got a laptop and a computer with over 40GB of space! Welcome to modern technology.


Not only did I get an iPod for my birthday but so did the hubby. He got an iPod for my birthday too. I had to learn how to share the computer. I am not good at sharing.

just filling-up the iPod

Someone came back to town for another visit.


...and someone turned 17.


April started with a bang! My high school class was supposed to have it's 20-year reunion the previous year but it never happened. So in April there was a multi-year reunion get together thingy.

(The only picture with me in it and it is kind of fuzzy.)

The reminiscing continued with breakfast/lunch the next day.

We started looking to buy our first home.


And another friend came to AZ to visit. A great group of ladies I have not seen in a long time.


After looking at lots and lots of houses we finally found the one for us.

We put in an offer on the house and that was accepted. But found ourselves in a holding pattern waiting for the house to legally be ours.

So we started to pack.

We officially became homeowners.


....and we had our first home emergency.....plumbing issues are definitely not what I would call fun.

We had our first family get-together in our new home. Lots of yummy BBQ.

We had even more family over for dinner. This time it was steak.

I finally started online courses to get certified for my job.

....and we had our first over-night houseguest. It was not invited back for another stay.


The hubby made the best turkey EVER!

We celebrated Christmas Day in our new home by having our parents over for prime rib.

I got to meet up with some old school friends that I had not seen in years.

And we ended our year by getting new windows installed for our home.

So that is 2009 in a nutshell. Stay tuned to see what 2010 will bring.

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