August 31, 2005

Did I mention my work day is almost over?

Today is going by way too slowly. I have felt this way all week and it is only Wednesday.

I just found out my order from Adagio Teas was delivered this morning. Now I have to wait ALL day before I get to enjoy it.

You know I realized that my Blog Anniversary has passed without any celebration. It is hard to believe that I have been posting for more than a year. My blog sure has changed since that first post.

Work is actually looking up. I got some news yesterday that I am hoping will really be great. I don’t want to jinx anything until I know for sure.

So in order to make myself feel better here are the 10 things that make me happy today (in no particular order):

1. My work day is almost over
2. Disco (LOL!)
3. My work day is almost over
4. Tons of co-workers stopping by to say hello (I am popular today *Ü*)
5. My work day is almost over
6. Weight Watcher Chocolate snack cakes (1 point BABY!)
7. My work day is almost over
8. My blog
9. My work day is almost over
10. Realizing that I get a 3 day weekend! Whoo hoo!

August 25, 2005

Sad day

A friend died last night.

Motorcyclist dies on South Side

Tucson Citizen

A Tucson motorcylist was killed Wednesday on the Southwest Side
when a car turned left in front of him.

Investigators have not
determined whether the two vehicles collided or whether Mark Mitchell, 39, laid
his motorcyle down to avoid a collision, Tucson police Sgt. Kerry Fuller said.

Mitchell was driving north on South 12th Avenue near West Nebraska
Street about 4:40 p.m. when the driver of a southbound brown subcompact car
turned left to go east on Nebraska, she said.

The car driver left
the scene, but may not know what happened, Fuller said, adding the motorist may
not face criminal charges in the death.

Fuller asked anyone
knowing anything about the fatality call the county attorney's anonymous tipster
program at 88-CRIME or 911.

Work has been hard today. Mark was someone I worked with for many years and is one of the few people that I have socialized with outside of work (lunches, BBQ's). I remember him being all dressed up for an interview yesterday. Sadly I did not talk to him yesterday.

More news has surfaced that says that this accident is no longer looking like a hit-n-run. One thing I find strange about this new news report is that it states he was not wearing a helmet. I find that strange because he was wearing one when I saw him the other morning and every other time I have seen him ride.

Fatal accident likely not hit-and-run


A fatal motorcycle accident Wednesday afternoon likely was not a
hit-and-run crash, police said Thursday morning.

There is no
evidence that a brown car seen driving away from the accident crashed into the
motorcycle, or that the driver ever even saw the motorcyclist, said Officer Lisa
Peasley, a Tucson Police Department spokeswoman.

Mark Kevin
Mitchell, 39, was riding his motorcycle north on South 12th Avenue near West
Nebraska Street when a brown car heading south turned left in front of him.
Mitchell may have panicked and laid down the bike, Peasley said. Someone flagged
down an officer around 4:40 p.m. Wednesday.

Mitchell, who was not
wearing a helmet, died at a hospital. Police have not yet found the driver of
the brown car.

The accident still is under investigation. Anyone
with information may call 911 or 88-CRIME, the anonymous tip line of the Pima
County Attorney's Office.

August 24, 2005


Family means a lot to me. It always has. Family always comes first and there is nothing I won’t do when it comes to my family. I am not talking of just immediate family but my ENTIRE family. Aunts, uncles, cousins, I cling to them all. My favorite thing to do is get together with them. I don’t know if this is normal for people to feel this way about their families or because of how they came to be my family.

I was adopted as a baby. My entire life (until the birth of my brother’s latest baby at age 34 - she is the one over there on the right in the yellow dress) I was the only blonde blue-eyed person in my family. Growing up I did not fit in with the rest of my family – in the looks department anyways. My family is Mexican and I was raised that way.

My brother was also adopted but he being Mexican, his looks fit right in. (that is him over there on the left) Because of our different looks I once was threatened in high school by some girls while eating lunch with my brother. The look on their faces when my brother told them I was his sister was priceless!

My parents always told me and my brother that we were adopted. I have even met my birth family but that is another story for another time. I joke all the time to my mom that there was no way that they could not have kept my adoption a secret as I don’t match anyone else in the family. We always get a chuckle when I am introduced to new people and they say they can see the family resemblance. I wonder just what they are looking at when they say that. (That is her in the picture below with her brothers and sisters wearing the black top).

I remember how close my extended family was growing up. My house was the house where all holidays were celebrated (still is). We had the largest house and the only pool. Every weekend all my cousins (both sides) would come to swim. Whenever we get together it is not just one side of the family but both sides. It makes for a very large group. The lowest number we have had over at one time was about 20 people. The last time we were all together was for my Grandmother’s (dad’s mom) funeral this past April. When my Grandmother died she had 4 kids living (one deceased), 18 grandkids living (one deceased), 21+ great-grandkids (there are 4 cousins in TX that I don’t really know so there may be more), and 3 great-great grandkids (and this is just on my Dad’s side of the family).

As the years pass and we get older everything changes (as it should). We don’t gather as much and since we have grown so much we have split into groups. Some of my Aunts/Uncles have their own holiday celebrations with their own kids and grandkids as their families have grown so much.

I have always dreamed of living in different areas but because of all my family living here – I will never move. I don’t like change. We have been so lucky to have some-what healthy lives. That is why finding out that one uncle has liver cancer and needs a transplant and that one aunt has colon cancer and does not seem to be doing well is very hard for me. I cannot picture my life without them in it.

I feel sorry for DH as he only had his mom, step-dad and brother growing up. He is still not comfortable in large family groups. Many times I have found myself going to get-togethers without him. That way I can stay as long as I like. That is just the way I like it. :-)

August 23, 2005

Talk about a trip!

My parents are currently on a cruise to Mexico. Should I worry?

August 19, 2005


I have been typing up posts. Lots of posts. However, I have been so busy at work; I never get to upload my posts. That said. Yesterday, I had a post (with pictures) all ready to go. I did not even make it thru the day. I left work – sick at 11am. (after my weigh-in of course). I thought about posting from home but I had left my post at work (figures). Today, all I have time for is this quick update as I have twice the work (78 requests so far to complete). Busy busy day.

August 15, 2005

What did I do?

Well I did it. I started another blog (and a WebRing!). This one is strictly for my weight-loss accomplishments (progress photos etc.) Know be nice because there is not much there at all right now but it is a work-in-progress. Just like me!!!

I am on my way! I’m Losing It!

This past weekend was pretty much a blur to me. I never get online anymore and when I do, I can’t wait until I get offline. I have so many pictures ready to post and when I am ready to do so, I am always on the wrong computer. I just cannot seem to get it together lately.

Work today is busy and I feel like I am drowning. Mondays are always busy and I hate that because it makes it look like I have not done my work because there are always records left over. It is after 1:30 and I still have not had my lunch. Maybe I should think about eating some soon.

August 9, 2005

I am a loser…

…of weight that is.

Thing is, I have not told anyone. Well except for my Dad who told my Mom, so I had to tell her. B does not know. I am sure he suspects something as I have been writing everything I eat down and have been making comments like “I cannot really eat that right now”. I will not come right out and tell him and that is hard for me. I don’t want him to deflate my motivation. He is not mean but I take what he says WAY too sensitively. If I tell him I am dieting/watching what I eat, he will say ‘well eating right will not work without exercise’. That deflates me every single time he says it. It makes me feel like I have failed before I even start.

This time it is different. I am going to wait for him to say something first. I have so far to go that he has lots of time to say something. LOL!

So far I have lost 5.4 pounds. That is a first for me in a week. I think that stopping a particular RX is helping too. I cannot wait to weigh-in on Thursday.

August 8, 2005


Work has been kicking my rear. It has been so busy and stressful. Did I mention my job is going away? Yep. Outsourced. I have about a week or two from what I have been told. I am not looking forward to looking for another position. I have not been getting my breaks at work so I never have time to post anymore. By the time I get home, it is monsoon time and I just don’t want to be online with all the lightning. Plus, the site of a computer just makes me want to gag. Oh wait….maybe it is the unchanged litter box that is in the room with the computer that makes me feel that way.

Saturday night my mom had us over for dinner. It was a get together for my uncle. Have I mentioned that my uncle has liver cancer? The first course of action is to remove the cancer and then he needs a liver transplant. This week he is at UCLA being tested to see if he is eligible for the transplant. I sure hope he comes home with good news.

B is taking in our Honda to get fixed. I sure hope we have enough money. The people who hit us refused to give us all that we needed – less than the estimate. What sucks is that the person who hit the car is the wife of B’s friend. B’s friend (the husband) got a job (which he needed anyways) and he will be paying us the difference. That is all I will say about the ‘situation’ (that is what the gal that hit us keeps calling it). The whole fiasco has been too much for me. It will be nice to have a car that does not look like crap. Of course I don’t know how I will get to work tomorrow without a car. UPDATE: Just spoke to my dad – he is lending us a car. Yippee!!!

Well my coffee cup is empty. Gotta go.

August 5, 2005

Thank GOD it is Friday!

Work is kicking my butt! There were issues with our servers that caused my particular queue to get quite high. Since I am the only one doing the work of 4 people, I asked for help and was told I could not get any. L That was Wednesday. On Thursday (yesterday) I had hoped to get caught up but was surprised to find out I had to attend a meeting from 12:30-3:00. Needless to say, I stayed a bit late last night. Now today is Friday. On Fridays, I clear out everything before I go home. I will be in meetings for 2 hours today. Not only that but I really am not in the mood to work today. I have a feeling that today is going to be a long day and that I will be staying after to finish up.

Sorry Happay Mommay for the non-entertaining content. LOL! I promise to work harder.

August 2, 2005

Still here

I am still here. I promise. :-)

I keep working on posts but never actually get to the computer to post them. I guess I am in what you would call a 'blah' period.

I hope to post my most recent scrapbook layouts soon.

I have a confession to make. I never sent out my Christmas gifts (2004) to my nieces. Do you think sending them now in August is too late?

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