August 8, 2005


Work has been kicking my rear. It has been so busy and stressful. Did I mention my job is going away? Yep. Outsourced. I have about a week or two from what I have been told. I am not looking forward to looking for another position. I have not been getting my breaks at work so I never have time to post anymore. By the time I get home, it is monsoon time and I just don’t want to be online with all the lightning. Plus, the site of a computer just makes me want to gag. Oh wait….maybe it is the unchanged litter box that is in the room with the computer that makes me feel that way.

Saturday night my mom had us over for dinner. It was a get together for my uncle. Have I mentioned that my uncle has liver cancer? The first course of action is to remove the cancer and then he needs a liver transplant. This week he is at UCLA being tested to see if he is eligible for the transplant. I sure hope he comes home with good news.

B is taking in our Honda to get fixed. I sure hope we have enough money. The people who hit us refused to give us all that we needed – less than the estimate. What sucks is that the person who hit the car is the wife of B’s friend. B’s friend (the husband) got a job (which he needed anyways) and he will be paying us the difference. That is all I will say about the ‘situation’ (that is what the gal that hit us keeps calling it). The whole fiasco has been too much for me. It will be nice to have a car that does not look like crap. Of course I don’t know how I will get to work tomorrow without a car. UPDATE: Just spoke to my dad – he is lending us a car. Yippee!!!

Well my coffee cup is empty. Gotta go.


  1. Oh! I'm so sorry that the car thing is still going on. I hope it was fixed yesterday and looks really nice for you today.

  2. I hope it looks purty too. It is still in the shop. :-(

    I just hope it does not cost TOO much over the estimate.

  3. Will you be able to apply for your job with the place it's being outsourced to or transfer to another job, or are they going to lay you off? I hope everything works out okay for you!

  4. Thank you Stacey.

    Unfortunately I will not be able to go with the position as it will be going to India or the Phillipines.

    I can either stay in my department and go back on the phone but since I have not really been trained in that program and there will be no additional training I would have to learn by watching others.

    There is another department that really really wants me. I already know the program and would only need a refresher for the new stuff. All my co-workers that I have known since the beginning are part of this group.

    Then I hear there is a position that is opening for a work at home rep. That would be nice but I think I would miss my co-workers.

    I did get my review today. One good thing about it is that I am rated as an employee they cannot replace. So I don't have any fears of being fired anytime soon. :-)

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