August 31, 2004


How happy am I? My friend Sheila wants to come and read my website. Oh I do feel loved today!!!! *Ü* Hi Sheila.

At work..............again

I need to track my headaches. I decided this the other day. So I guess it is appropriate that I woke up with a very faint headache. I could barely feel it so I did nothing. I am now at work and the headache is getting stronger so I have taken 2 Advil and I am drinking some coffee (cheap free work coffee). It is 8am now and I sure hope this headache goes away soon.

Work will be busy today as our main database system is going down this afternoon for about a week and we have to clear out everything before 3:30.

Today is Tuesday and that means I need to go to Curves tonight. Knowing me I will probably find a reason not to go but since my mom is paying for this I really need to go.

Well back to the grind.

August 30, 2004


I have the world's worst headache and I still have an hour to go until work is done for the day. I was able to update the site to have my links in the sidebar so that is cool. Now I just need to have stuff to put on my sidebar. Still trying to figure out how I am going to incorporate this site with my Geocites website. I just think it is so funny that I writing all of this and no one comes to this site but me. LOL!

I'm back

All weekend I would start to send in an update but got distracted. I did not do anything too interesting this past weekend. My past 3 days off of work were wonderful (even though I do nothing) and I am really looking forward to having a 4 day weekend coming up since I have Labor Day off. Maybe I can scrapbook and get finished with the year 2003 and start on 2004!

Work was going okay until the powers that be decided to throw a wrench into the works. I do email support that means I do everything by email or online and do NOT call the customer (unless it is a callback for the Office of the President). Well one of the departments I work on is tech support by email. Today they have changed this to calling the customer back. And before where we had 24-48 hours to respond we now have to respond within 30 minutes. This is not possible with 2 full timers and a part timer when we have 100's of email requests to get thru daily in our other departments. What cracks me up is that my company has done this same exact thing (callbacks) in the past and it failed and now they are trying it again. That is how it usually goes here. We just keep going back to the other stuff and then getting rid of it and then going back to it.

I think I am getting tired of this template but I cannot find one I like better. Well I did but did not have money to buy it. Well back to the grind.

August 27, 2004

Nice Day *Ü*

I was all ready to type up a lot today but it is getting late and I think I should read a book before bed. Today was a good day - especially since it was my day off!! B also had the day off and so we drove to the mall and walked around. I finally got to exchange some pants that I bought back in February. We went to eat dinner at Mimi's Cafe. Sure do love going to that place. Then we came home. Earlier today we watched Kill Bill 2. I do not think it is as interesting as Kill Bill 1. I uploaded some of my layouts today to a photo hosting site so I hope to be able to get them up on this site later this weekend. Goodnight.

August 26, 2004

work - work - and more work!!

There may be some light at the end of the tunnel. Even though more work is coming in we seem to be caught up. I do email support and have to respond to everything within 24 hours. Well with one person being recalled to Iraq, one person out on Maternity leave, one person wanting to take 3 days off that just leaves me and a part timer. No wonder I feel busy busy. I work 4x10 and am lucky to have Friday off so since it is my 'Friday' today I do not feel too much like working. Well that and I ate lunch so now I am sleepy. LOL! Even the paper ball/balloon fight that just happened in my and the next 2 cubes has now exhausted me! I am in the mood for something sweet as usual. Maybe I need to go to Curves more than one time this week. I am going tonight and not really looking forward to it - I do not know why as I love going. Last night we watched the movie 'Ned Kelly' talk about a downer. I liked the movie but found it quite sad. Well I am off to clear these queues.

August 25, 2004

Sidebar issues

Okay. I think I have finally figured out how to add what I want to the side bar. My HTML is rusty but I realize now that I had added what I wanted to the sidebar and did not realize it was even there and so went on a search to figure out what I did wrong when I did nothing wrong. LOL! I hope to have a listing of my most recent layouts posted on the site soon. I have not scrapped in a month or so and may just add some that I completed from last month.

Well lunch is over so I better get back to work.

August 24, 2004

another day..............which just happens to be Tuesday.

Another day, another dollar. Today I am doing the work of 4 people. Hopefully I will not get too overwhelmed. So far so good.

The weather outside looks like Christmas - I wonder if I will get a present today. It will barely be 90 degrees today. I bet that tomorrow we will be back over 100 again.

How frustrating when all the tools I need to do my job are not working! Urgh!

Last night we watched the movie Cold Mountain. It was very long. I liked it but of course B found it boring. I am surprised he did not fall asleep as he usually does during movies that interest him. We have 2 other movies we need to watch - hopefully we will do that soon so I can send them back to Netflix and get something new.

Tonight B will be cooking a fancy meal. That means there will be lots of dirty dishes and as a typical male he does not understand why I do not like him to make his fancy dinners. He makes the biggest messes that I then have to clean up. I told him bargain meals are better. They cost less money and use less dishes. Oh and he wants to take pictures of the fished courses - yes courses! I guess they will go in the file where I put his picture of the turkey he cooked for last Thanksgiving.

August 23, 2004


I am at work. Don't want to be at work. Work is silly.

August 22, 2004


Today is Sunday. It was a nice day. I actually got out of the house. Usually on the weekends, I never leave. This morning we went to church were we got to see nephew #1 sitting in the middle of a row of girls and having a nice time until some old lady came and sat right in the middle. I do not know why she did that. Especially when the girls started chatting and the old lady never paid any attention to them. I guess she did not want nephew #1 to enjoy himself. LOL!

After church we out for lunch at Macaroni Grill. I have never really liked the atmosphere at that restaurant but now they have booths so it was very nice. B (DH) wanted something no longer on the menu and the nice waiter had it made special for him. Actually, the nice waiter did a lot of nice stuff for B while it seems I was just there taking up space. For instance, B asks for 2 boxes. The waiter takes B's plate and tells me he will bring back a box for me. He then packs up B's food and brings me the empty box to fill myself. Then he asked if we wanted dessert. He only asked B and not me. While walking away B made sure he heard 2 desserts and the waiter acted surprised. Either way he liked B so our service was good.

After lunch, we stopped by Target for a few household items and then came home to veg in front of the TV. We watched a couple of cheesy movies that were playing and I think B (DH) has fallen asleep. I guess I should go and clean the kitchen now but will probably put it off until tomorrow. Today was not what I would consider an exciting day but at least it was not boring! As usual, I am not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.

I got an email today from one of my dollar bills was entered. It is so silly but I love to do stuff like this. I enter the bill's serial number and then when someone else enters it I get a notification. I have entered 29 bills and have received 3 hits. That is not bad considering that some people could enter 100 and never receive a hit. At least the bill I got today traveled a bit further than all the rest.

August 21, 2004

The Beginning

This is my first time writing a blog, online journal - whatever it is called. I thought it would be a good idea to let my thoughts flow and maybe even share with friends sometime since the majority of them all live out of state.

For everyone else, I am in my 30's, married and parent to two cats. With 9 nephews and nieces, I think it will be awhile before we have any of our own. I love to scrapbook, which is right in line with my love of photography. I also do other crafty stuff but they all seem to take a back seat at times.

Not much happening tonight. It is a usual Saturday night with DH out with the guys and ME home on the computer. I cannot seem to get in the mood to do any scrapbooking or anything of a crafty nature, so I may just finish my first post and go off to read a book. If DH thought I spent too much time on the computer, he was sadly mistaken. I have been reading so much lately that everything else is taking a back seat.

One book I recently finished reading is called The Wild Swans by Peg Kerr. I must say I loved it and I was crying at the end. It truly is a sad story. I do not know why it is listed as a Sci-Fi book when it is not Sci-Fi. Well I guess I had better get some reading in before I fall asleep.

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