August 22, 2004


Today is Sunday. It was a nice day. I actually got out of the house. Usually on the weekends, I never leave. This morning we went to church were we got to see nephew #1 sitting in the middle of a row of girls and having a nice time until some old lady came and sat right in the middle. I do not know why she did that. Especially when the girls started chatting and the old lady never paid any attention to them. I guess she did not want nephew #1 to enjoy himself. LOL!

After church we out for lunch at Macaroni Grill. I have never really liked the atmosphere at that restaurant but now they have booths so it was very nice. B (DH) wanted something no longer on the menu and the nice waiter had it made special for him. Actually, the nice waiter did a lot of nice stuff for B while it seems I was just there taking up space. For instance, B asks for 2 boxes. The waiter takes B's plate and tells me he will bring back a box for me. He then packs up B's food and brings me the empty box to fill myself. Then he asked if we wanted dessert. He only asked B and not me. While walking away B made sure he heard 2 desserts and the waiter acted surprised. Either way he liked B so our service was good.

After lunch, we stopped by Target for a few household items and then came home to veg in front of the TV. We watched a couple of cheesy movies that were playing and I think B (DH) has fallen asleep. I guess I should go and clean the kitchen now but will probably put it off until tomorrow. Today was not what I would consider an exciting day but at least it was not boring! As usual, I am not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow.

I got an email today from one of my dollar bills was entered. It is so silly but I love to do stuff like this. I enter the bill's serial number and then when someone else enters it I get a notification. I have entered 29 bills and have received 3 hits. That is not bad considering that some people could enter 100 and never receive a hit. At least the bill I got today traveled a bit further than all the rest.

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