August 26, 2004

work - work - and more work!!

There may be some light at the end of the tunnel. Even though more work is coming in we seem to be caught up. I do email support and have to respond to everything within 24 hours. Well with one person being recalled to Iraq, one person out on Maternity leave, one person wanting to take 3 days off that just leaves me and a part timer. No wonder I feel busy busy. I work 4x10 and am lucky to have Friday off so since it is my 'Friday' today I do not feel too much like working. Well that and I ate lunch so now I am sleepy. LOL! Even the paper ball/balloon fight that just happened in my and the next 2 cubes has now exhausted me! I am in the mood for something sweet as usual. Maybe I need to go to Curves more than one time this week. I am going tonight and not really looking forward to it - I do not know why as I love going. Last night we watched the movie 'Ned Kelly' talk about a downer. I liked the movie but found it quite sad. Well I am off to clear these queues.

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