August 31, 2004

At work..............again

I need to track my headaches. I decided this the other day. So I guess it is appropriate that I woke up with a very faint headache. I could barely feel it so I did nothing. I am now at work and the headache is getting stronger so I have taken 2 Advil and I am drinking some coffee (cheap free work coffee). It is 8am now and I sure hope this headache goes away soon.

Work will be busy today as our main database system is going down this afternoon for about a week and we have to clear out everything before 3:30.

Today is Tuesday and that means I need to go to Curves tonight. Knowing me I will probably find a reason not to go but since my mom is paying for this I really need to go.

Well back to the grind.

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  1. Hey there :) Thanks for posting on the blog...I popped over and not only wanted to say hey, but to let you know that I did the Curves thing, too. I hope you have much more success than I did, because after 3 months, I just didn't show up anymore *grin*. Not only did things get busy, but I got lazy - I switched jobs and the hour change made it convenient to drop out.

    Anyway, enjoyed visiting :D

    Sarah Beth

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