July 31, 2006

It’s a bit wet

{click photo to make larger}

I could not sleep last night. I have way too much going on inside my head. One good thing about not sleeping is I think I have figured out how I want to organize my scrap stuff. The only problem is it will cost a lot of money. Maybe I need to cash in on the $5,080.86 my blog is worth.

It also did not help that while I was tossing and turning last night that a major storm blew thru town. The wind was blowing the rain right at the windows and when it does that the windows leak. So I was running around putting towels in the windows and unplugging the computer since the water just happens to drip right next to the computer and onto the power strip. Of course DH slept right thru it all. There is a major leak (or drip) in the bathroom from the fan. Luckily it is right above the toilet and all I have to do is leave the seat up and the water drips right into the toilet – no bucket needed. The only downside to this – well there are a couple, is that the cats can now get into the toilet and when sitting on the toilet your head gets dripped on. This morning the carpet downstairs by the sliding glass window was soaked. Now the house will start to smell all icky as it slowly dries. That is IF it dries.

Last time it rained this much was in 1983. If you are not familiar with the desert, our washes are normally empty and dry. You only get water in the wash when it rains. The news said today that one particular wash is 15 feet deep and the water is going at 12-17 mph. You can watch video by going here.

Oh and can you tell who bought a new record last week? I really did not listen to much music last week but I guess I found a way to fit in the new stuff. Well actually 24 listens is not that much. That is basically listening to the CD twice. So I guess I didn't really over do it.

July 30, 2006

I scrapped!!

It was about time too! This layout has been sitting on my desk for maybe a month now. It was supposed to be a layout for a contest but I did not get to do the hand journaling on time. In fact as you can see I had so much journaling I could not handwrite it. The scan is a bit blurry due to it being a super bumpy layout. I got to use my new Heidi Swapp chipboard letters and I think this is the first time I have ever used different elements for a title. Yeah, I don't get out much when it comes to experimenting with new scrapping ideas. I am a very slow learner.

Not only did I finish this page but I also started another one. Go ME! LOL! I would have probably finished it on Saturday night but realized I needed some new stamps to make the title. Yes I said Needed. So today I stopped by the scrapbook store for a $10.00 pack of stamps......well $30.00 later I left the store and came home (oh and we will not discuss the $11.00 I spent just on paper on Saturday). The layout is not finished yet but the title is. Even if the layout was finished I would not be able to share it with you all just yet as it is for the Scrappay Divas challenge for this Tuesday's challenge.

July 26, 2006

I'm Rich

Well I think I should just go ahead and sell ‘cause I need the money. LOL! I guess people must really like me. But do they comment? (hint hint)

C'mon....show me some comment love!

My blog is worth $5,080.86.
How much is your blog worth?

July 25, 2006

Batten down the hatches!

Well ummm....this looks to be a bit scary.

Much different than what the radar showed yesterday. No angel here.

Good thing I am driving the good car that actually has wiper blades. I sure do hope dh will be okay driving home tonight.

Yeah...I have no life

Anyone watch Hell’s Kitchen?

B & I do. It is a great show. We don’t think it is as good as the first season though. I just don’t see anyone that really deserves to have their own restaurant. The one snooty girl is driving us crazy too. I think her name is Sarah? She is the one in the picture. That sneer she constantly has on her face is just too much. She has GOT. TO. GO!

So did you see Hell's Kitchen last night? What do you think about what the chef said to the customer that came up to complain. You know...the one with the boobs.

It is interesting to see the differences in English TV and American TV. On this show Chef Ramsay is all loud and obnoxious. On his English show,
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, he is a totally different person. Now he still cusses and says some of the same things but he is not blowing his top all the time either.

Now tonight will be some good television. It will be an entire night of the Sci-Fi channel. First ‘Dead Like Me’ and then ‘Eureka.’ I think B & I will just be couch potatoes tonight. Although I have a feeling that B's friend may come over and it might end up being pool night. Which is okay because I then have the place to myself.

I had hoped to scrap some last night but the new photos I ordered last week still have not arrived. They should have been here last Saturday. I hope they show up today so maybe I can get some ideas on how to scrap them. I really need my scrapping mojo back. If you have some extra scrapping mojo just laying around please send some my way.

July 24, 2006

Just stuff...

I have never seen a radar report like this one. Usually it is in clumps. I don’t know what to make of this as it is not raining outside cause I ran outside to roll up my windows and didn't have to.

Don’t you think it almost looks like an angel? Well I sure do.

I see that my Arctic Monkeys obsession from the previous week has kind of cooled. The numbers look a lot more normal for last week. Now I don't look like an obsessive fan. LOL!

I really didn’t listen to very much music last week. Hopefully this week will be better. I really want to buy the new Boy Kill Boy CD and it is a good thing I did not go and look for it this weekend as it does not come out until tomorrow. If you go to the site you can listen to some of the songs. So far I love the songs that I have heard and I think I may have a new obsession come next week.

This past weekend I got none of the scrapping done that I wanted to do. I also did not get any of the cleaning I needed to do. So very unproductive was I.

My Saturday seemed to be spent just driving places. I drove to the huge JoAnn’s that is far away from my house and looked at all the new scrapbook things they had for sale. Okay, I didn’t just look, I also bought. I was then going to go to the Ulta store on that side of town but after driving down many different aisles in the mall parking lot (behind many other cars) for about 10 minutes I said ‘forget it’ and drove to the entire OTHER side of town to the other location – where I parked in one of the first spots and only saw a handful of customers in the store. Whew! That sure is a long sentence. I bought this pretty pink shadow and it sure is PINK. I cannot wait to actually try it on my eye and not just on my hand.

p.s. ~ I sure wish Blogger would let me post all the pictures I wanted to. I don't know why it never seems to work for me. I get the screen saying the photo is uploaded but nothing is there. So again I say....Blogger sucks! Please don't ask how long it took to post this entry today........I am thinking I should have given up after an hour but sadly it took longer than that. I started this post at 4:25. It is now 6pm and I can finally upload. Unbelievable!

July 19, 2006

Yellow NOT White!

I need help.

Help with my shoes.

See those over there <---- They are supposed to be WHITE. They are not WHITE. I need help getting them WHITE.

When I was younger I used to wear KEDS all the time. I learned back then to NEVER wash them with bleach because the glue gets all yellow… And to never put them in the dryer…And to always use stain remover like Shout.

Well I washed these shoes and did not use bleach and they still turned yellow. Now granted I have worn them since I last washed them so they are dirty as well as being yellow.

Please help. How do you keep your canvas shoes nice and WHITE?

July 18, 2006

Arctic Monkeys it is

I seem to have found a new obsession. Wow! 53 listens to Arctic Monkeys last week! And that does not include what I listened to on my iPod this weekend. I think that is a record for me. Muse is not that far behind either, but they always seem to be in the top 3 lately.

Now for some updates on me. Yay!

Online scrapping contests - I did not make it in time to submit for the online contests. Having to work all day makes it hard to meet some of the deadlines especially when they are midnight EST and for me it is only 9pm. I usually get home after 7pm on some nights so that did not give me that much time to create anything. I also did not have any enlargements on hand so that left me out of the second contest I wanted to enter. Maybe next time I will have more time and more needed items in order to participate.

Scrapbooking - I have not really scrapped. I have a contest page almost finished sitting on my desk waiting for some journaling. I was supposed to hand write the journaling for the contest but I had TOO much journaling and instead I will type it up. Since I made that decision, I could not enter the page into the contest.

Work meeting - Well the meeting went well. As we expected, the people the meeting was directed towards just did not get it. Hopefully we will see some changes around here anyways.

Knitting/Crochet - I have not been doing either. It is so hard to work with yarn when it is so hot outside.

July 17, 2006

I'm beat

It has been a long day and I am ready to call it a night.

Normally I get to work between 9-10 (depends on when I can get myself out the door). Well today I had to be at work at 5am. Well let me tell you.....it sure is different at 5am. It sure is not normal to wake up at 4am either. I even woke up before B today and that is just not normal!

Over the weekend one of the main software programs that everyone uses was updated. So today I was a 'floor-walker.' My main job today was to walk around my section and make sure that everything was working fine. I was lucky that my section did not use any parts of the program that had issues, but it also made for a bit of a boring day.

I got to work at the main building today so I was away from my computer and my work but it was great to see everyone that I used to see everyday. I sure do miss all the chatting that I used to do with all my old co-workers. It was great to get caught up with some of them. It sure was an exhausting day. I am beat! On Sunday we took our nieces up to the mountain for a picnic so I think my legs and feet were still recovering. I have pretty much been on the go all weekend. I think I need a weekend to recover.

July 14, 2006

What have I done?

I have just agreed to come into work at 5am!!!! I will tell you now that I am NOT a morning person. I normally get to work between 9-10am. On Monday, I will be helping out with the roll-out of a program update and will be out on the floor with the agents making sure all is well. One of the gals in the room this morning laughed when they told me 5am. She told them that they needed to pick another time. I cannot complain because I did tell them I would come in whenever they needed me and then I DID agree to the 5am. Oh man! B is going to laugh big time at me! That means I have to leave for work at 4:30am!!! Wow! What time does that mean I have to wake up? I will tell you now….Monday will NOT be pretty!!

Darn! I just realized I will miss watching The 4400 on Sunday night! Argh!

July 10, 2006

Today was just weird

Today was the beginning of what I think will be a very long week. It is hard getting back to work after having so much time off.

Between 2 days off for the holiday and one day off for vacation and one sick day, I only worked one day last week. I have SO much work to get caught up on. I had hoped to get a good chunk of work done today but forgot that I had a 2 hour class to go to. I also wore my contacts today and I don't get even half as much work done when I do because my eyes get so tired.

Today was just weird.

Tomorrow will be even weirder. My boss has scheduled a meeting. A meeting where the invite says that he will be the only one talking so that it does not turn into a debate or something where everyone starts yelling and getting all upset. I sure do hope this meeting will take care of the situation with the gossipy and not so nice co-worker. I just hope that nothing bad is said about me because since I take everything WAY too personally I probably will just lose it. I admit it, I am a big crybaby. But....considering I never leave my cube and people have to pull me away from my work, I don't think the meeting should involve me too much.

I know I have mentioned that I am in a couple of scrapping contests this summer. Since I am a slow scrapper this is something new for me. I really want to do well and what I mean by well is just to actually submit something by the deadline. That is my main goal. So far so good with one of the challenges. I 'think' I submitted it by the deadline but there is no way to tell if it was accepted. I sure hope it was.

I have 3 layouts I need to complete before Friday and two of the layouts must be 2-pagers (12x12). One of the challenges also involves using my own handwriting. I used to like my handwriting but I have never thought it was anything special. I think I compare myself to others way too much and that is why I don't like it.

Really, the only good thing about today were my new pink & brown shoes. LOL! Not to be confused with my pink & brown chucks. What is it with me and pink & brown shoes?

July 8, 2006

A day of Heidi...Swapp that is

Today I met my first scrapping celebrity. Heidi Swapp came to our local store to show her wonderful ideas and how to use her products.

My friend Amber and I were the first people to get to the store this morning. This was great because we got to look at all the HS stuff first and made our purchases. Being first also meant we had front row seats (although we stood the entire time). It was awesome. I got so many great ideas. It was great watching Heidi work on a scrapbook page.

Each person that spent $10 got their name in the prize bucket. When we first got there I managed to spend $30. (not all on HS either - I just had to get a BG ribbon pack). Then after watching Heidi use some of her products (such as her paint), Amber and I went shopping again. I wanted the blue and white paint but one gal grabbed the last white right when we walked to the display so I just HAD to get blue, green and a dark pink (not the official names). LOL! I managed to spend another $10.

There were not that many people at this store so for some prizes they had to call at least 10 names or more (you had to be present to win). Amber was lucky and got her name pulled. She got some cool stuff. I cannot wait to see how she uses it.

Then....just because I did not win anything and I did have my name in the drawing at the other local store which just happens to be about 2 miles from my house........I went to the other store to see if my luck was any better (Whew! That was a long sentence). Yeah....just call me a stalker. This store really went all out and decorated (lots of pink) and had about triple the amount of people that were at the first store. Well my luck ended up being as bad as I thought. I did not win anything and I left with another $20+ spent. Hey! In my defense, they had only one bottle of HS white paint and that was a sign that I NEEDED to get it.

Before today, I was not really a Heidi Swapp fan (had only used some chipboard). Well I sure am a fan now. I am loving all this Heidi Swapp stuff and bought tons. I cannot wait to play with it all.

July 4, 2006

Happy 4th of July!

Today (well actually Monday cause this post is after midnight) was a wonderful day. It was so awesome to have a vacation day and also have B home from work at the same time. We just had a great lazy day. There was some talk of maybe leaving the house but at least for me it did not happen. I was a slacker the entire day and only peeked outside and never actually went outside.

I did manage to get some scrapping done today and for that I am very proud of myself. It was my turn to choose the Scrappay Divas Tuesday challenge and I am happy to say I actually did it too. I have been such a slacker with these challenges. Thanks to my Diva gals for putting up with me. Here is a sneak peak of the layout. Shhhh don't tell anyone. The layout should post once the sun comes up on Tuesday morning.

That is if Blogger will let me post pictures.

Thanks goodness for Photobucket!

I also finally found my scanner hiding under all my 12x12 paper and was able to scan and upload last week's Diva challenge too. It only took me a week to scan it. Bummer is....I thought I was being all clever with the title "Goodbye 2005" cause it rhymed and now that I look at it I realize that this should actually be "Goodbye 2004" I am going to need to change that sticker. Argh! I don't know what year I am scrapping anymore. LOL!

I am looking forward to going to the in-laws for our 4th of July. There will probably not be any pictures to scrap but it should be nice to get out of the house and do something. Hopefully I can either wake up early and scrap some more (yeah right!) or maybe scrap when I get home.

Want to hear something weird? It is after 2am and there are birds chirping outside. It is dark. Why are they there? This isn't the first time either. Is there some bird party that is going on that I am not aware of?

I hope you all have a wonderful Independence Day!

July 1, 2006

A good day

After an early morning appointment I stopped by Michael's to check out what they had. I was surprised to see that they carry Wild Asparagus and Chatterbox paper. They even had some Basic Grey. The price was much better than at the scrapbook store that is for sure. I managed to pick up a couple of pages of Chatterbox (although I don't know what I am going to do with them) and also found some Lil Davis embelishments in their dollar section. I was really good and did NOT buy any ribbon. I still have not opened the ribbon I bought the last time I went to Michael's nor the ribbon I bought the last time I was at the scrapbook store (nor the ribbon I bought from QVC on National Scrapbook day). I think I have a ribbon problem.

After running a couple more errands (like stopping by DQ and picking up a salad for lunch) I headed home.

One of the movies we got from Netflix this week was one that was just for me. The movie was Elizabethtown. It was nice to spend a couple of hours this afternoon watching a movie just for me and by myself without husband interuption. Basically no annoying comments that usually ruin a movie for me. I really liked this movie. I am not a big Orlando Bloom fan but I really liked how he came thru as a great man in this movie. Well he seemed like a great man to me. Even though he did not seem to say much.

Well it is officially monsoon season. I love it! I love the stormy weather but it does put a limit in my online time since I freak and never like to have the computer on when there is a ton of lightning. Right outside our window is a huge radio tower. So far (knock on wood) it has never been hit the entire time we have lived here (about 5/6 years now). I have been loving all the clouds in the sky and have been going crazy taking tons of photos. The sunsets have been amazing!

This weekend starts of a couple of online scrapping contests. I hope to enter them and get tons of things scrapped. The first challenge is a card. I have not made a card in awhile so this should be interesting. The one thing I wonder about is what do I do with the card once it is finished?

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