July 14, 2006

What have I done?

I have just agreed to come into work at 5am!!!! I will tell you now that I am NOT a morning person. I normally get to work between 9-10am. On Monday, I will be helping out with the roll-out of a program update and will be out on the floor with the agents making sure all is well. One of the gals in the room this morning laughed when they told me 5am. She told them that they needed to pick another time. I cannot complain because I did tell them I would come in whenever they needed me and then I DID agree to the 5am. Oh man! B is going to laugh big time at me! That means I have to leave for work at 4:30am!!! Wow! What time does that mean I have to wake up? I will tell you now….Monday will NOT be pretty!!

Darn! I just realized I will miss watching The 4400 on Sunday night! Argh!

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