July 18, 2006

Arctic Monkeys it is

I seem to have found a new obsession. Wow! 53 listens to Arctic Monkeys last week! And that does not include what I listened to on my iPod this weekend. I think that is a record for me. Muse is not that far behind either, but they always seem to be in the top 3 lately.

Now for some updates on me. Yay!

Online scrapping contests - I did not make it in time to submit for the online contests. Having to work all day makes it hard to meet some of the deadlines especially when they are midnight EST and for me it is only 9pm. I usually get home after 7pm on some nights so that did not give me that much time to create anything. I also did not have any enlargements on hand so that left me out of the second contest I wanted to enter. Maybe next time I will have more time and more needed items in order to participate.

Scrapbooking - I have not really scrapped. I have a contest page almost finished sitting on my desk waiting for some journaling. I was supposed to hand write the journaling for the contest but I had TOO much journaling and instead I will type it up. Since I made that decision, I could not enter the page into the contest.

Work meeting - Well the meeting went well. As we expected, the people the meeting was directed towards just did not get it. Hopefully we will see some changes around here anyways.

Knitting/Crochet - I have not been doing either. It is so hard to work with yarn when it is so hot outside.

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