July 25, 2006

Yeah...I have no life

Anyone watch Hell’s Kitchen?

B & I do. It is a great show. We don’t think it is as good as the first season though. I just don’t see anyone that really deserves to have their own restaurant. The one snooty girl is driving us crazy too. I think her name is Sarah? She is the one in the picture. That sneer she constantly has on her face is just too much. She has GOT. TO. GO!

So did you see Hell's Kitchen last night? What do you think about what the chef said to the customer that came up to complain. You know...the one with the boobs.

It is interesting to see the differences in English TV and American TV. On this show Chef Ramsay is all loud and obnoxious. On his English show,
Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares, he is a totally different person. Now he still cusses and says some of the same things but he is not blowing his top all the time either.

Now tonight will be some good television. It will be an entire night of the Sci-Fi channel. First ‘Dead Like Me’ and then ‘Eureka.’ I think B & I will just be couch potatoes tonight. Although I have a feeling that B's friend may come over and it might end up being pool night. Which is okay because I then have the place to myself.

I had hoped to scrap some last night but the new photos I ordered last week still have not arrived. They should have been here last Saturday. I hope they show up today so maybe I can get some ideas on how to scrap them. I really need my scrapping mojo back. If you have some extra scrapping mojo just laying around please send some my way.

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