July 8, 2006

A day of Heidi...Swapp that is

Today I met my first scrapping celebrity. Heidi Swapp came to our local store to show her wonderful ideas and how to use her products.

My friend Amber and I were the first people to get to the store this morning. This was great because we got to look at all the HS stuff first and made our purchases. Being first also meant we had front row seats (although we stood the entire time). It was awesome. I got so many great ideas. It was great watching Heidi work on a scrapbook page.

Each person that spent $10 got their name in the prize bucket. When we first got there I managed to spend $30. (not all on HS either - I just had to get a BG ribbon pack). Then after watching Heidi use some of her products (such as her paint), Amber and I went shopping again. I wanted the blue and white paint but one gal grabbed the last white right when we walked to the display so I just HAD to get blue, green and a dark pink (not the official names). LOL! I managed to spend another $10.

There were not that many people at this store so for some prizes they had to call at least 10 names or more (you had to be present to win). Amber was lucky and got her name pulled. She got some cool stuff. I cannot wait to see how she uses it.

Then....just because I did not win anything and I did have my name in the drawing at the other local store which just happens to be about 2 miles from my house........I went to the other store to see if my luck was any better (Whew! That was a long sentence). Yeah....just call me a stalker. This store really went all out and decorated (lots of pink) and had about triple the amount of people that were at the first store. Well my luck ended up being as bad as I thought. I did not win anything and I left with another $20+ spent. Hey! In my defense, they had only one bottle of HS white paint and that was a sign that I NEEDED to get it.

Before today, I was not really a Heidi Swapp fan (had only used some chipboard). Well I sure am a fan now. I am loving all this Heidi Swapp stuff and bought tons. I cannot wait to play with it all.


  1. I just love HS...I took a class with her in Alabama last April...she made us all cry! It was incredible! So fun you got to meet her and watch her create ;)

  2. So cool you got to meet her!! Love the pics!

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