July 1, 2006

A good day

After an early morning appointment I stopped by Michael's to check out what they had. I was surprised to see that they carry Wild Asparagus and Chatterbox paper. They even had some Basic Grey. The price was much better than at the scrapbook store that is for sure. I managed to pick up a couple of pages of Chatterbox (although I don't know what I am going to do with them) and also found some Lil Davis embelishments in their dollar section. I was really good and did NOT buy any ribbon. I still have not opened the ribbon I bought the last time I went to Michael's nor the ribbon I bought the last time I was at the scrapbook store (nor the ribbon I bought from QVC on National Scrapbook day). I think I have a ribbon problem.

After running a couple more errands (like stopping by DQ and picking up a salad for lunch) I headed home.

One of the movies we got from Netflix this week was one that was just for me. The movie was Elizabethtown. It was nice to spend a couple of hours this afternoon watching a movie just for me and by myself without husband interuption. Basically no annoying comments that usually ruin a movie for me. I really liked this movie. I am not a big Orlando Bloom fan but I really liked how he came thru as a great man in this movie. Well he seemed like a great man to me. Even though he did not seem to say much.

Well it is officially monsoon season. I love it! I love the stormy weather but it does put a limit in my online time since I freak and never like to have the computer on when there is a ton of lightning. Right outside our window is a huge radio tower. So far (knock on wood) it has never been hit the entire time we have lived here (about 5/6 years now). I have been loving all the clouds in the sky and have been going crazy taking tons of photos. The sunsets have been amazing!

This weekend starts of a couple of online scrapping contests. I hope to enter them and get tons of things scrapped. The first challenge is a card. I have not made a card in awhile so this should be interesting. The one thing I wonder about is what do I do with the card once it is finished?


  1. Hi Stef! I made my card intending to send it for a card swap I'm in but I just love it so much I'm keeping it. I may frame it LOL

  2. Framing the card sounds like a good idea. I may have to think about doing something like that if I like mine. :-) I just did not have anyone to give it to (that would appreciate it and not throw it away) and I really did not want it to sit in a drawer. I guess I had better get busy with making that card. :-)

  3. That's my thing with making cards too -- it's fun, but feels like a waste sometimes when most people just toss them, or maybe throw them in a drawer or box. But... maybe it's good practice for me, just letting something go out into the world, not obsess about the longevity or what happens to it...

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