December 29, 2008

October 2008

I finally uploaded all my project365 photos for October. Between broken fingers (well just one broken finger), less Internet time then I am used to and just having way too much to took me awhile. I am already okay with the knowledge that I will be uploading my Christmas photos come this February. Well at least I tell myself that I am okay with it.

October 2008  [project 365]

1. My life is just one big pile of stuff., 2. Princess Moody-Pants, 3. Twilight, 4. gown, 5. Eegee's, 6. it's blartzy., 7. beerkeh, 8. kitteh toyz, 9. comfy, 10. It's all about the Facebook, 11. In a patch of sunlight, 12. iCan, 13. Keeping it all together, 14. Every ball of yarn dreams of becoming something more., 15. friendship, 16. just a bunch of apples, 17. HeroClix, 18. dessert, 19. tassels & flowers, 20. red, 21. Chuck, 22. night light, 23. Colgate, 24. Trying to Better my Home and Garden, 25. blossoms, 26. Desperate HouseKitties, 27. kitchen duty, 28. It's all about the mint, 29. red dahlia, 30. recipe, 31. no tricks...just treats

December 16, 2008

Where does the time go?

Who knew this week would be so crazy?

The sad thing is…it is not even due to the holidays. It is only Tuesday but I am already ready for the weekend or just a really nice long nap.

Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment that is about 1 hour from work/home. I left work early and will have to stay late every night this week to make up for it.

After my appointment, I got to stop by the newer scrapbook store. This one is supposed to have lots of good stuff. It is new and huge and since it is so far away it is a treat to visit. I was pretty disappointed that there was noting in the entire store that even caught my eye. The store is set up with individual displays that usually have different companies but all of them (and I mean all of them) were just Christmas.

The next stop on the agenda was Ulta. I had to stand in line for about 30 minutes but only spending $10 for items that should have cost $30 made it all worth it.

By this time, it was already 5pm and I had to get home to let out the neighbor’s dog. Then it was off to the grocery store to pick up a few things. By the time I got home for good, I was exhausted and hungry. As is usual when I run errands, I had not eaten all day. Being home for only a couple of hours in the day sure does make for a short relaxation period. I never even got to turn on the computer.

Today there was work (with an extra hour+ added in). Then off to Target to buy regular everyday stuff that we need and a gift for tomorrow’s Christmas potluck/baby shower. On the rest of tonight’s agenda there is frozen pizza making (and eating), potluck cookie baking, baby shower gift wrapping and maybe…just maybe…some Christmas tree decorating.

December 12, 2008

It's all about the Facebook

And I think that is why I am slacking when it comes to everything that I need and want to do. Don't get me wrong. I am not there ALL the time. But I am there often enough that the normal things I would do on the computer have kind of taken a back seat.

Eventually I hope to actually edit the photos that I take and maybe upload them at least within the same week (and not months later).

Although I have found time to scan old photos. Then I post them to Facebook. Of course I only do a few at a time. I don't want to appear as if I have no life.

Things that I used to blog about I now find myself posting on my Facebook page instead and since I have my blog feed show up on my Facebook, I don't want to have the same thing posted multiple times. I have no idea why. I don't even think anyone would notice. Personal hang-up I guess. Or maybe it is because the people I used to blog about are now my Facebook friends and know how that goes.

December 5, 2008 be as carefree as a cat

Originally uploaded by DreamsOfNyssa
How nice that would be.

Each day I am so tired. How will I ever find the time (and energy) to get ready for Christmas? Well maybe I could find the time but where will I find that energy? Why must everything be so jammed packed at the end of the year?

Work is work. Nothing has changed there. I still need to sign up for my classes. I really need to do that. I wonder when I will.

The husband decorated the outside with pretty Christmas lights. It is the first year that we have been able to decorate the outside. This weekend we will hopefully decorate the inside. I just need to figure out where to put the furniture so that we can put out the tree.

This Christmas we hope to have our parents over for a special Christmas dinner. I guess I will need to clean my house or something. ;)

I have been trying to upload my photos for my new 365 project. I am SO behind. Months behind. To be is not as much fun as the self-portrait project. Although I really do like taking pictures of other things. I really do need to upload them quickly but at the speed I am going I may be uploading my Christmas pictures come this February.

December 1, 2008


My photo is not up even a day and I find that it has been added to the stock photography section of a web building site. What thieves! People are paying them to use my photo and I get nothing in return.

I don't even have the photo on my OWN website. Well actually now I do, cause it is this one with the apples. I wonder if I can break the link by making the photo private?

November 29, 2008

Black Friday shopping

Princess Moody-Pants
Originally uploaded by DreamsOfNyssa
I have never been one to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. My family just never did it so I never got into the habit. I guess I just like my sleep much more than anything a store has to offer.

This year though the hubby was the one to participate in the early morning day-after-Thanksgiving shopping madness. One of the comic book stores he frequents was having a special for one hour only (6am to 7am). He was told to get there early (like at 5am) because of the crowds. I kept teasing him when he told me this and when we mentioned it to the family they also got a chuckle. I just could not see how anyone would go to the comic book store that early.

The hubby got up early on Friday and was out the door by 5am. He came home a couple of hours later. We live about 2 miles (if that) from the store. He said when he got to the store there were already 6 people in line. Shortly after he arrived, he says that the crowd showed up. By the time the store opened there were about 50 people in line! I have been to that store, I don't even think that many people can fit inside.

I admit it. I was SO wrong. But I guess if it had been the scrapbook store having the same kind of sale I would have been there just as early. LOL!

November 21, 2008


I can't believe this is only my 2nd post for the month and the month is basically over.

Life has been such a whirlwind lately. I actually have stuff that I want to post and I even started writing what I wanted to say but just like the picture, there is a big pile in my mind and I think I need to decompress and sort it all out before hand so that it actually makes sense. is that for the longest sentence ever?

My poor blog.....I think I am out of blogging practice.

November 13, 2008

Approved! Anatomy & Physiology, here I come!

I got the good news today.

I am approved for 75% reimbursement for my continuing education instead of the regular 50%. :)

I have to take some specialty courses for my job. The courses will teach me how to do my job (correctly) and how to run the entire registry. Courses that are definitely needed as I have been teaching myself, plus they are required to be completed before I can be certified. And of course.....certification is a requirement to me keeping my job. Go figure.

In order for a person to qualify for the higher reimbursement their position must be considered hard to fill. Surprisingly my position was not listed. This is very interesting since there is only one of these positions in the entire hospital and it did take them over 2-years to fill it.

Oh and here is a tidbit of info for you....hospitals are required by law to have a registry. There is a deadline for when cases need to be completed. If these cases are not completed then the hospital will lose its license. Talk about being under pressure to learn as fast as I can.

I just hope I can finish 150 weeks of courses in 28 weeks. I guess I had better get started. Wish me luck!

October 27, 2008

September 2008

Yes. September.

Yes, I know it is already the end of October but when have I EVER been on time? Sadly, any of you that really know me, know this to be true.

I started my new 365 project on September 1st and I just barely completed uploading my photos for the first month. LIFE is so seriously getting in the way of EVERYTHING. Well not really life....more like work. But that whine will have be told another day.

September 2008    [project365]

1. And so it begins.....again, 2. The art of war, 3. Just like the real thing. Not!, 4. Trellis, 5. yaaaawwwn!, 6. sari, 7. “Remember even though the outside world might be raining, if you keep on smiling the sun will soon show its face and smile back at you.”, 8. me., 9. *cupcake*, 10. buddy., 11. salad, 12. waiting for cake, 13. I Spy..., 14. mum's the word, 15. 15 days done, 350 to go., 16. bookcase, 17. It's sweater time....NOT!, 18. “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.”, 19. Look Ma! No Paws!, 20. welcome to my garden, 21. “The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you.”, 22. untitled., 23. Pretty Kitty, 24. book, 25. Green leaves in front of brown bench., 26. “In one drop of water are found all the secrets of all the oceans”, 27. anniversary cake, 28. just a slice, 29. glow, 30. the perfect bench

October 16, 2008

Time got away from me

I really don't know where all my time goes.

I make plans in my head and they never seem to become reality. So I write them down. Once written down, I seem to do a little bit better at completing those tasks that I create for myself but only a little bit.

I even started to write down what I wanted to write about on my blog. I have always kind of done that but now I try to write on actual paper and not on a million post-it notes that end up at the bottom of my purse, or stuck to the bottom of my shoe because it fell out of said purse. But those ideas just keep piling up and then when I actually do find the time to blog they are no longer relevant to what I want to say. So sometimes I don't end up blogging because I don't want to sound like an idiot. An idiot with nothing to say that posts a blog post just to post a blog post.

I had all these plans on what I wanted to do tonight. But after work I stopped by the grocery store. Then I came home and made dinner (yummy teriyaki chicken) and even something for dessert (apple slices with yummy dip). I finally sit down thinking I am going to do something creative like edit my pictures or do something online and I don't understand why I am so tired. Then I realize the time. It is late. It is past the time that I should be in bed.

So on that note.....I decide to write a blog post.

October 5, 2008


Originally uploaded by DreamsOfNyssa
Is it bad that after a 10-day vacation the husband is finally back to work and I am so happy to have the house to myself? That can't be bad, can it?

There is so much that I want and need to do. I cannot honestly do it all in one day but at this moment I am kind of thinking that I can. Well a little bit. A tiny little bit at the back of my mind. But if I were to be truthful to myself (and that is always a good thing) then I would have to say that today will probably end up being a day of rest and relaxation, also known as laziness. You see....I have been sucked in to that which is Twilight.

October 3, 2008


Originally uploaded by DreamsOfNyssa
I think that I really like working on Fridays.

The office is much quieter from all the people that call in sick.

Every Friday.

But especially on payday Friday.

I know that others do not like it since it makes more work for them but for me the day seems a bit more relaxed. It could also be because I save the most interesting work for Fridays. That way I don't fall asleep............

Talking about falling asleep. I read soooooooooo much at work that sometimes it really is hard to concentrate. I get sleepy the moment I sit down. I don't like it and I am looking for ways to keep me awake during the day. Coffee doesn't really seem to help.

I guess I could try to get more sleep at night but I am finding that to be hard for me to do. I guess I need ideas on how to get myself to bed earlier because just actually going to bed earlier never seems to happen. I always seem to push myself to stay up later. I just don't seem to realize the time and how late it is.

Like right now.....I am exhausted but am I going to bed? No. I am on the computer and while I am on the computer I have been telling myself that I want to get off the computer to read a book. But I have not actually started to read a book because I feel too tired to start. So I just sit here at the computer. It is a sad endless cycle.

September 29, 2008

Kind of out of the loop

Is it good or bad that I have not read my email in weeks? I wonder if there is anything important in there? I have a feeling that I have forgotten something but am afraid to find out if it is true so I just stay away. Plus, I read so much at work that when I get home and I am on the computer I don't even want to do anything close to reading. I find that I do things that don't require a lot of mind power.

Even though the weekend just ended I am looking forward to having a day off from work on Tuesday (tomorrow). I just have to go to a teeny tiny little doctor visit and then my day is free. I plan to spend part of it watching Iron Man on Blu-Ray. The hubby said it was good. I can't wait.

September 27, 2008

Saturday surprise

Today I have planned a surprise. Well I think it is a surprise. I hope that the hubby thinks it is one too because the surprise is kind of for him. I need to pick up the surprise between 10-3pm. Since it is now 11 o'clock I guess I had better get my butt in gear and go run that errand!

You is our 11th anniversary. As a surprise I ordered a cake from the cakery that made our wedding cake. When we got married the cake we ordered came with a free first anniversary cake. Basically the top layer/tier of the wedding cake (you know the part you are supposed to freeze and eat on your 1-year anniversary). They normally don't sell those but I called them and they said they would do it. It was such a yummy cake too. I hope it tastes as good as we remember.

On a side note....I have also started posting again to my photo blog. That way those of you that want to see my challenge photos but do not like Flickr don't have to go to Flickr. Plus I think the photos look better on the blog background.

September 18, 2008


Lately I seem to just be behind. Behind in doing basically everything. I cannot pinpoint the reason really. Maybe because the sun is starting to set earlier and that makes me feel like I am running out of time. I cannot even say what it is that I am doing that is taking up all my time. Because...I really don't know. I am getting nothing accomplished. I have not even eaten dinner the past couple of days. By the time I think about is too late and I need to get to bed.

I am really looking forward to the weekend. But only to rest and catch up on sleep. I guess I should clean or do grown-up stuff though. But what fun is there in that?

September 7, 2008

Right outside my door

We were pretty excited to see this vine growing up the trellis. Growing up in the desert I don't see very much green and I had vision of this growing up along the trellis and therefore transporting me to a different place. Well in my head at least.

When the owner was asked if he knew what kind of vine it was, he told us it was Morning Glory. Supposedly Morning Glory is illegal in this state since they grow super fast and basically take over. This vine is already to the roof and has only been growing a few weeks. There are others that are just starting as well.

So since he has threatened to tear it down and poison the area I thought I had better take a picture before it was gone. So much for my dream of an "ivy" covered trellis.

Does anyone know how long it takes before they grow flowers?

September 6, 2008



[day 4]

There are so many lovely things right outside my front door.

Just like the real thing. Not!

Just like the real thing. Not!

[day 3]

I am not a big jellybean person. But I have been known to buy me some Jelly Belly's every so often. Then I secretly pick out my favorites and leave the rest for the hubby. Don't feel so bad for the hubby. I know he does the same thing.

I came across these at the store. They are supposed to be ice cream flavored. Yeah.......I will NOT be buying these again any time soon.

The art of war

The art of war.

[day 2]

The nephew attempted to teach grandma (mom) how to play war. Again.

Sometimes you really cannot teach the older set (do you like how I worded that?) new tricks. LOL!

Of course it did not help that she was speaking to me when he plunked the cards down for an impromptu game with only the barest of explanation. But then again, it does make it a lot more fun that way.

September 5, 2008

Feeling older than I am

I don't know what I did but it sure does hurt.

I was fine all day until after I got home. I laid on my back on the bed for a bit and fell asleep for probably no longer than 30 minutes. When I got up I felt fine but just a bit achey, which is pretty much the norm for me. B and I were going to go grocery shopping so I slipped on my shoes and off we went.

The pain I feel is in my right leg and is pretty sharp. It hurts right where the leg is attached to the rest of my body. The pain happens when I turn my leg or even lift it a couple of inches.

I noticed it a bit when I was trying to get into the car (I was driving). I could barely lift my leg to get it into the car. It bothered me a bit while I was shopping but I just kept on walking and hoping I would walk it off. It really hurt when I was trying to get back in the car after shopping. Try getting in a lowered car without bending your leg. Then I realized that I could not even lift it to step on the brake (oh that was fun). Good thing I did not have far to drive.

We stopped at one other store (where I parked on an incline). When I tried to get back in the car, I really had to lean back and almost felt as though I would fall backwards. Once home, I took the flip-flop off from my left foot but then could not get the shoe off my right foot because I could not lift it the couple of inches in order to do so.

I already have problems with pain in my left foot and heel, and now I have this new fun thing to deal with.

Basically I am a mess. I am unable to walk. I am unable to drive and you should see me try to get dressed (or undressed). I hope that when I wake up in the morning the pain will be all gone. Keep your fingers crossed.

September 2, 2008

And so it begins....again

And so it begins.....again     [day 1/week 1]

After the completion of 365 Days, I had thought of possibly doing another 365 project but knew that it would be a bit hard due to all I have upcoming this year.

I almost decided to do another 365 Days of self-portraits but after taking 101 pictures of myself (outside in the heat) and then spending forever trying to edit said pictures, I decided that something less stressful was in order.

So due to the fact that I want to expand my horizons and not just photograph myself and due in part to the gentle persuasion of "DO IT" from lastyearsgirl_ here's to the start of another wonderful year.

August 31, 2008

Three days

Three days of no work. I really do love having a three-day weekend. I always make plans to get stuff done but I always seem to bat a zero when it comes to completing anything.

I did manage to wash the hubby’s work clothes. Maybe I will even take them out of the basket and put them away. I finally folded the kitchen towels that were sitting in the basket from the last time I did the wash and that was not last week because I totally forgot to do the laundry last weekend. I knew something was missing that day. Now they sit on my desk. I guess I could put them away in the closet.

I also have a scrapping swap that I need to get done Pronto…as in the pages need to go out on Tuesday. I need to have a picture of myself to put on the page. One would think that after just completing 365 days of self-portraits that I would have no problem finding a picture to use. There are a couple that I like but they are a few months old and I have such a hard time making decisions. Then once I do pick the picture, I need to place the order and hopefully they will be ready in an hour or so. The hubby has the car so I will need to wait until later to pick them up. Plus, with the holiday, I am worried that the photo counter may be closed. I guess if I actually place my order I will get an answer to those questions. But, that would involve selecting a picture.

I don’t even want to think about all the other things I need to do. It is all just so overwhelming. Maybe I will just go and read a book.

August 28, 2008


This is the time of year when I find myself with not very much computer time. By the time I usually get home, the storms are building and they usually hit right after I walk in the door. If I do manage to get online, my time seems rushed. Take tonight, huge storm just ended. Massive amounts of rain. But the lightning (and thunder) are still here. Close & loud. I usually turn of the computer but tonight I think I will live dangerously. LOL!

My days have been full with work and by the time I get home I don't feel like doing anything. I have so much I want (and need) to do that it is all piling up. I am looking forward to Labor Day and a 3-day weekend! But we will be at the in-laws all day on Saturday so I will have to plan on getting things done on my other 2 days off from work.

Well the hubby is off for a guy's night so it is just me and the cats at home tonight. I wonder what I shall do with my time.

August 25, 2008

A few recent Flickr faves

A few recent faves!

I have never made a mosaic of my Flickr favorites so I thought it was probably about time that I did.

So here they most recent faves.

Hmmmmm there kind of seems to be a theme here.

August 22, 2008

Something to think about

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.”

“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” ~ Maria Robinson

August 21, 2008

30,000+ views

I can't believe that four years ago today I started this blog. This is back when the only craft type blogs I came across were the few knitting blogs. No scrapping blogs out there to be seen. Now EVERYONE has one.

I used to have one of those free Geocities (Yahoo) webpages. Remember those? I loved to change up the code and make it look all purty. My family liked to look at the stuff I posted. At the time I started to upload (well try to upload) my scrapping pages on some of the message boards. It got to be way too much of a hassle to figure out the sizes the files needed to be in order to upload. I remember back then each site was different. Then there was all that other stuff I was being crafty with. The stuff that is pretty much in different boxes in different stages of completion.

So I decided that I needed a place of my own to upload and share my stuff. I wanted more than just the website I already had and that is when I started the blog. Funny thing family all knew about my original website. But the one really knows about it. I kind of like it that way. *Ü*

Things sure have changed since my first post. But then again, after re-reading that first post....nothing has really changed at is all pretty much the same. Well except maybe I was a lot more interesting 4-years ago.

August 17, 2008

Just a little less stuffy

Well.....I am still not feeling well but I am much much better than I was the day before or even the day before that. I am trying not to get too excited thinking that I may not end up being sick as long as I usually am. Last time I got hit with whatever it is that I keep getting was back in February. I was sick for an entire month! So far, this time it has been different. Maybe it is all that health Karma I sent around over on Facebook. LOL! But as is usual when one gets sick, it always seems to happen on a weekend and by the start of the new work week, all is better.

Other than not being able to breathe all weekend, it wasn't all bad. We finally got some movies from Netflix (they had an 'issue' where they could not send anything out all week). We got a movie that has been at the top of our list from before it was even released on DVD, which was sometime in June. We are talking months! We have been with Netflix ever since they started but the more popular they get, the worse their movie selection is. Well they have the movies, they just never seem to have them in stock any more. All of our movies have a status of "Long Wait." I remember reading years back on how some believe that Netflix will withhold movies from people. Each time I get a movie, I start to believe it. So, I was pretty surprised to actually get this movie, I think that maybe with the Netflix systems off line that maybe they 'forgot' they were holding this movie from us. This movie being... Jumper. It wasn't so bad. Oh and neither was the 2nd episode of Primeval.

August 15, 2008


This has been quite the eventful week around here.

Wednesday was the day I had my first review with my new boss. It went okay, I guess. I will be quite the busy little bee this next year though. Not only will I have lots to do during the day at work [have I mentioned that we are over 2-years behind?] but I also will need to take a few additional Medical classes before next year. I hope to be able to sit for my certification exam in 2009 instead of 2010. Now if only I can find the $$$ to take the classes I need.

That night as I was going to go online to do all the cool online stuff that I do, lightning started to strike nearby so I turned off [and unplugged] the computer. Just in time too it seems as we got hit with a huge storm and OUT the power went. So the husband and I went outside to watch. We were then joined by our neighbors as what else is a person to do when there is no electricity and there is a noisy show outside. Over 2-hours later and the power returned. Just in time for us to get hit 20 minutes later [from the opposite direction] with another storm. By then it was time for bed so we got to fall asleep to the pounding of the rain, this time it was worse than the first storm. Some people were still without power as of this morning [Friday].

By the time I made it to bed, I was not feeling all that great. My throat was on fire and the smoke from the candles did not help much. When I woke up on Thursday, I could barely swallow and there was no way I was going to make it into work. Good thing I had my review the day before. So Thursday was spent at home, in bed, in agony.

That brings us to today. I am still sick. The throat is not as bad but my head is all stuffed up. I am hoping that this is a cold and not a sinus infection. I was able to make it thru the day and was actually more productive today [while being sick] than I was all week. Go figure.

Tonight, I ran over to the scrapbook store. I really don't need anything but the store has been purchased by new owners and there is a sale happening. I also got a special $$$ saving coupon since I spend WAY too much money in that store. I sure do like getting discounts! But since I have cut WAY back on my spending this year, I doubt I will make it into the "special club" for next year.

August 12, 2008

At least the bagels were good

So...I met the boss.

She brought bagels.

I think we spoke for no longer than 15 seconds but during that time I felt that I was being "sized up" if you will. Those 15 seconds were the extent of our interaction for the day. Today she was at a different location so things were a bit back to normal. Now tomorrow will be another story. I am scheduled to have my review tomorrow. How does someone have an annual review from someone they have never met? I have NO idea how tomorrow will go.

August 10, 2008

Tomorrow will be different

I have mentioned before that my current job is different than any of the others I have had. I have actually loved all the jobs that I have had. I am not saying that they have all been perfect or without issues. But regardless of any prior work issues or frustrations, I still liked them. I had fun.

The job I have now is different. It is more work intensive than any of my prior jobs. I don't mind that, it makes the day go by quicker. The difference that gets to me is the atmosphere. There are 2 sections in my department. We are supposed to be one team. I can tell you that it is really NOT working out that way. It is kind of cliquey. So given that, there really is no socializing going on. People just work.

So here is why tomorrow will be different. The manager of the department lives in a different state. Starting tomorrow she will be here for annual reviews. I have never met her in person. I was interviewed and hired over the phone. I have been told by pretty much everyone that starting tomorrow things will be different. This manager is the type that will not allow any socializing at all. By socializing, I don't mean goofing off. I mean we are not to even say "good morning" or "hello." We are not to ask any one "How are you today?" If a person is talking, even to give a greeting that means they are not working.

Yes....Tomorrow will be different.

August 6, 2008

The sun will come out tomorrow, or so they say.


Boy has it rained!

Last night we had a pretty big storm blow thru here. Lots and lots of lightning. So much so that I felt better having the computer unplugged until it was over. So since I did not get to go online last night I made the decision to actually go to bed at a decent hour. Going to bed early is really not an easy decision for me. Lately I have not been able to sleep and have been living off of 4 hours (or less) a night. Last night I was in bed by 9:19pm but did not fall asleep right away. I do remember B coming to bed and I also remember getting up at around 11:30pm. I also got up at 12:14am and I think one other time before my alarm went off at 5:00am. Man! I am TOO old not to sleep thru the night. I blame last night on the cats though. They were driving me crazy. The husband has some action figure thingies (okay, he calls them action figures, I call them toys) out on the coffee table. All night, I could hear the cats batting them off the table and along the floor. I kept getting up and putting them back. They were still doing it this morning as I was getting ready. Well I guess I did not catch all of the times they did this as there are still a couple missing. That is one thing about these hard "wood" floors. They sure are loud.

When I got out of work today there was another huge storm on its way. Lots of lighting right over the building. I got home just in time before it hit. That meant no laundry and no computer time for me this afternoon. But now it is all quiet and here I am trying to get caught up on all my computer stuff.

I have been asked some questions about my 365day project. I had planned to have the link to my original post on the subject on my last post but since I published via Flickr, I could not go back and edit my post. I did add the links in the comment section of yesterday's post but thought I would mention it in this post as well.

So...the 365day project is where you take a self-portrait every day for a year. I started the project on July 3rd, 2007 and ended on July 2nd, 2008. I cannot believe how quickly a year passes.

I did okay. I only missed a couple of days but it kind of came down to either staying married or taking a picture so it was all good. Plus with it being a leap year I had an extra day to make up for it. I really don't know what to do with myself now that I don't have a daily picture to take. I thought that once I no longer had to spend time on taking a picture that I would have ALL this free time. Yeah....not so much yet. Maybe that free time will show up soon. But for now...I think I had better head to bed.

August 4, 2008

It is SO over!!!!

I am SO done!!

It's the ending of an ERA actually!

All the blood, sweat, tears and cussing of the past year, finally has some meaning.

If you are not a reader of my blog you probably have NO idea what I am talking about. Heck! Even if you do read my blog you probably still don't have any idea of what I am talking about.

Here is a hint........


Actually I finished it about a month ago but just recently shared the last picture. So now I am what you would call "officially" finished.

I have learned so much about myself over the past year. I have also learned that there are a lot of weirdos out there that like feet!

If you like you can see my entire 365day project by clicking on the links below.

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Now I just have to figure out what to do now.

*and she lived happily ever after...*  {365/365}

August 2, 2008

Why are Scottish guys just so gosh darn cute?

Darn those Scots!

Just as soon as I hit upload on last night’s post I ran into the living room where I was totally lost as to why The Doctor was still around and why just a few seconds later, he was naked.

At the same time the heavens also opened up and it rained like there was no tomorrow. The husband finally made it back safely with dinner even with the lack of adequate windshield wipers.

Good thing that the show was repeated an hour later. I got to watch the missing 15 minutes which helped to put everything else in about last night’s episode right into place.

So sad about Donna. I actually liked her character, which I think I am in the minority about that.

So now, I wait for the new season of Torchwood. Is there going to be a new one? I will need to check that out. If so, I have a feeling that a couple of more Dr. Who-ites will be transferring over. I don’t know if I would like a show that has ALL old Dr. Who people in it. I kind of like the newbies. Oh and I SO jumped all over the comment about Gwen and her being the Gwen from the 2nd Dr. Who episode or at least I think that is what they were saying as I kind of missed the entire comment. Ever since I saw her on the first episode of Torchwood where Jack says she is special and that he specifically chose her, I have always wondered if there was something about her that he already knews. You know, dealing with the rift and all.

Oh and yesterday, I saw another cutie on the big screen. I watched the movie Penelope. Have you see it? If not you really should do so. Such a lovely love story. I truly recommend it.

August 1, 2008

The finale of the finale

To say that I am starting to get excited would be a bit of an understatement. I am and I am not looking forward to the 2nd half of the Dr. Who season finale. It starts in just 25 minutes. I am looking forward to watching it as it is a new episode but then I am sad that there are no more new episodes. Well at least for awhile. Once the show is over, I won't have to worry about mistakenly reading a spoiler since the finale already aired outside of the U.S.

Hmmmmm so the hubby decided we should probably eat something so he just left to get us some eats from Wendy's. There is a huge storm heading this way and hopefully it won't hit until he is back home.

The lighting is starting to get super close so I think it is probably time for me to shut down the computer.

WTF! I just heard the TV from the other room. Looks like the show started 15 minutes ago! Crap!

July 28, 2008

...and so she waits

I should be at work.

But instead here I sit waiting for the locksmith to come.

The husband locked the keys in the car last night and we found out about it this morning as I was trying to leave for work. Poor guy. I know he feels bad about it but one would think that if one has a problem with locking the keys in the car one would be more aware of the fact that the keys are not on one's person. Any who, I just got a call that it will be about 25 minutes until someone shows up to fix it. Not bad. I am used to waiting so much longer for a service call. I sure do hope the day gets better. I am not looking forward to having to stay late at work today but what can a person do?

Oh wait! Someone is here. Wow! That was quick! Gotta go!

July 27, 2008

By Golly! She scraps! NOT!!!

So this evening I was scrapping.....but now I am just freaked out!

I started this page back on June 22nd and as is usual Stefani style, today, a month later I am trying to finish it up. If it wasn't for this picture that I took last month I would not have thought that a whole month had passed.

Anyway, back to the point of my post. I was trying to finish up the page when I smelled something funny. I thought it was maybe the pen I was using. I smelled the pen and it did kind of smell funny but it was weird that it had never smelled before. I got up from the chair and went to the next room. I could smell that same smell. It smelled kind of sweet but also like something was burning. Come to find out, the ceiling fan right above the table where I was sitting was burning and smoking. I am TOTALLY not okay with fire. It is my worst fear (well one of them). We turned off the light and it seems like there is no longer any smoke coming from it but I can tell you, tonight I will not be sleeping.

July 22, 2008

I am sure my computer misses me

Lately I have been pretty much on a computer hiatus. I seem to not even turn the thing on during the weekend and when I do, I don't really do much. I kind of like it but I am finding that it is starting to cause some problems. What kind you ask? Well....for example, I have a MySpace account. I signed up for it in order to keep in touch with my sister while she was living in France. I rarely log in but lately I have been trying to login a bit more often. You know, like maybe once a month. Well now I find that it will probably be much better for me if I login more often. Why you ask? Well twice now I have logged in to find that I have missed an old friend that has been in town. :( So now I just have to figure out how often I need to log in. Just one more thing that I need to add to my list of stuff to do when I get online. Sigh. There are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done that I need to get done.

One of the things I did while on this past weekend's computer hiatus was to go and see The Dark Knight.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

The husband and I have decided that after watching this movie we will no longer be going to the movie theatre. We went to the matinée movie at $6.50 each. Then we bought 2 sodas. The total for the movie came out to over $21. Don't get me wrong. The movie was super awesome! I am amazed at the wonderful job Heath Ledger did. But now that we have Blu-Ray/High Def at home we are so spoiled. Last week or so we bought the high def version of Batman Begins. The DVD had the first 6-minutes of The Dark Knight in high definition. Can I just say "Oh Wow!" It was amazing! The detail is the best. So when we went to the theatre this past weekend we could really tell the difference. The movie was so FLAT. It just seemed grey. In high def, the windows on the building sparkle. In high def, you can see the wrinkles on the ass of Heath Ledger's pants. In high def, movies just seem to be a bit more interesting. So, we have decided that we will just wait. Wait for the movie to come out on DVD so that we can watch it at home. It is cheaper, it looks better and plus we can watch it in our underwear!

July 21, 2008

We Are Family Meme

We Are Family Meme
1. Zero, 2. The Sophistication of Mr. Lamp-shade, 3. *belonging* {143/365}, 4. Glacier Reflections, 5. White Dove of the Desert, 6. Mom & Daughter Moment, 7. mother holding her daughter, 8. Black tulips, 9. kitty bw edit, 10. Lucky Number (Day 31), 11. EAT, 12. Sisters

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All photos in this mosaic © their respective owners.


Well it is about time that I did another one of these. This one sure was a toughie. Now I know that I have said that on each of them so far but this one really was. We could only choose photos from 2 particular groups. I think I found some awesome photos to use though, don't you think? There are some really awesome photographers out there and I think that I chose some of the best!

1. How many kids do you have? Zero. Do the kitties count? How about the husband?
2. Who is the craziest member of your family? That would be my Uncle, who passed last year, he was always the life of the party. Now? Probably me.
3. What is the main cultural background of your family? Mexican
4. Where did you go on your last family vacation? Alaskan cruise. The husband, my parents, my brother and sister-in-law and 2.5 nephews. All together in a van, on a plane and on a floating box. We came home early.
5. What city were you born in? Tucson
6. What member of your extended family do you see the most? Well when I actually leave my house it would be my parents, My Mom in particular since my Dad is always off somewhere working or shopping or whatever else it is he is off doing.
7. Who are you closest to? Again, that would be my Mom.
8. What is the coolest job someone in your family has? Interior Design. Oh and my cousin's partner sets up the photos shoots for Pottery Barn. I think that is pretty darn cool!
9. What kind of animal(s) does your family own? Two cats
10. How many siblings do you have? I have one brother. When I turned 18, I met my biological family and found that I have 2 additional brothers and a sister. Then of course, there are the 27 first cousins (maybe a couple more). 27 first cousins and only 4/5 grew up in a different state. As for the rest, we all grew up together. It is even larger now that we are grown.
11. What fun thing does your family do together? Eat. LOL! What else do large families do when they get together?
12. Who makes you proud? My Sister. She may be 11 years younger than I but I feel that she has done so much more than I ever will.

July 9, 2008

At least it makes the day go by faster

*Cherry Love*
Originally uploaded by DreamsOfNyssa
As I expected today was a pretty tiring and exhausting day. I would not have any other way though as I learned a lot.

Wednesdays are when the gal who was training me comes over and answers any questions I have etc. I guess I am doing well enough that she is now down to coming just 2 times a month instead of once a week. So since I have not seen her in awhile, I had a lot of stuff we had to cover. We also had to submit some stuff to the state so lots and lots to do today. Usually when she comes over it is only for a few hours so I try to jam pack everything into those few hours. Today was no exception. I usually don't take a break when she is there and we get started as soon as I arrive. I got there at 7am this morning and we did not stop until 1:30pm. I usually take my lunch at 11:30 so that should tell you how much I needed a break by the time we were finished. But like I said, I learn so much so it is all good.

I wanted to share my flower pictures today, but when I got home I just laid my head down for a minute and ended up taking a short nap.

Tomorrow will be another learning filled day. I get to go to a 4-hour training class in the afternoon. I get to meet all the other gals that do my job in this town. There are not that many. Less than 10 I believe. Once again I have a job position that is not shared with many others. I think that is kind of cool. :)

~ p.s. And even though today was up to 40% chance of rain, I still did not see a drop! :(

July 8, 2008

She who loves the rain, must live in the desert

I really had high hopes when the weather man said that this week would be the wettest week so far this year. I still had those high hopes when I got out of work and saw the clouds start to roll in. I got even more excited when I walked out of Best Buy and saw a super dark gray wall of clouds coming in from one direction and a sheet of rain coming from the other. I got home before a single drop fell and even though I saw lighting in those dark clouds I turned on the computer for a quick while. Then I cleaned up the back patio so that nothing would get blown around by the wind that I knew would come. Then I went to get the mail. I noticed that the neighbors had a red sunflower. I ran back inside and tried to fix my messed up camera and then ran back outside before the rain arrived and the light was gone. That done, I went over to a neighbor's to see the baby kitties. As I was taking some more pictures, it started to sprinkle. I hurried inside so that my camera would not get wet.

And you know what?

That was it! I don't know where that storm went! The entire sky was covered with gray clouds but no other rain fell. Talk about disappointed. Now just you wait, tomorrow it will rain when I am not ready for it and I will have to swim to my car like I did the last time.

July 6, 2008

That was quick!

I cannot believe that this 3-day holiday weekend is already over and done. Especially since I did not do anything particularly exciting or really anything at all. I cannot even remember what I did. It rained. I remember that. Oh and the Internets went kaputz for about half a day. It has been a very laid back weekend. Lots of time spent sitting outside on the bench on our front porch watching the rain and lightning. One night we even had one of our neighbors join us which was really nice. I got my hands nice and dirty re-potting flowers too.

I really needed this weekend to refresh. Work is not hard but there have been a few cases that got me pretty depressed. It is hard knowing that although my job is extremely important (and I do like what I do), it is also a very sad one as well.

July 5, 2008


Still need convincing?

Take a listen to this.

Into the Galaxy

sigh....I feel like I am back in my first year of college, out dancing with Levi. Marya are you reading this? Let's go dancing! It's been WAY too long! Can't you hear it? The tunes are calling!

July 4, 2008

It's a message for the masses

Sigh. Obsessions are lovely.


So ummm....Just don't visit my Last.Fm profile for awhile or else you will think I have totally lost it!

-- You can catch the full track here.

June 22, 2008

I did something out of the ordinary

Guess what I did today? Well for part of the day at least. I have dragged out some supplies and I have been a scrappin'!

But now I am stuck. I have room for journaling on the page but not really anything to say. Once I finish the journaling that page will be complete. I may even attempt to start on another but who am I kidding? One page a day is a pretty good completion rate for me. I think once I actually clean up my supplies, I may even crank out a few more pages a day. I spent most of my time today taking all the stuff I have purchased over the last few months out of the original shopping bags. Now I just have to figure out where to put everything.

It felt good being able to do a little something crafty. It does wonders for the soul. It also helps that the family situation I spoke of in my previous post is slowly getting better. Well I think it is. Either way, there is a long road ahead but I am sure it will all be better in the end.

Well, I better get back to scrapping. I came online to see if maybe I had written anything on my blog that would help me with my journaling. Have any of you done that? Used your blog to help you remember?

June 17, 2008

It's almost too much

Originally uploaded by DreamsOfNyssa
There is so much going on that it is starting to really make me feel bogged down. It's funny how certain things that happen in your daily life can really start to affect your health.

I really am finding it hard to stay awake during the day. It's like I am in a fog. I thought getting a decent amount of sleep would help but so far it hasn't.

We have the in-laws coming over tonight. I am looking forward to seeing everyone but it is going to be a mad house. I am sure by the end of tonight I will be...well...what is worse than exhausted? I am already exhausted so it will be more than that.

Work is super intensive and that is pretty draining. I like it though. It sure does make the day pass quickly.

There is a super serious issue happening with my family at the moment. I think the stress of that is not helping anything either. It is always at the front of my mind and I can't help but to worry about it.

June 14, 2008

Yearning to escape

Lately I feel just like Cairo in this picture. I feel like I am coming and going and just want to break free.

I have been so tired lately. The few times I have been on the computer at home I find myself drifting off. Even during the day, I find it hard to focus. I had hoped to recharge this weekend but on this Saturday morning, I find myself up super early. Maybe it is because the hopes I had of a crafty weekend have been replaced with the frenzy (in my mind at the moment) of getting ready for visitors. We found out last night that the husband's brother and family are in from Japan and they are coming over this week. I am SO excited to see everyone but just a little stressed that they have decided to come and spend the time at our place. I am sure we will be able to fit everyone into the place, but 10 people, 2 cats and the in-laws dog in one room may be a bit too much. So since there will be a tour of the place there is a bit of decluttering that will be happening this weekend. I need to clear up the bedroom a bit like put away scrap stuff and such, (you know, stuff you don't want little hands to get into) just in case the girls end up hanging out in here. Does anyone out there have any ideas on fun stuff I can have ready for the girls to do in case they get bored?

June 10, 2008

Musically Meme

Musically Meme
1. The promise, 2. emo, 3.mcr ♥, 4. 39/366, 5. He's badd, yo, 6. PLAYING ELECTRIC ACOUSTIC GUITAR - FLICKR, 7. © lisman_piano_057, 8. Techno youth, 9. tesla, 10. michael hutchence, 11. Lovey Dovey, Lovey Dovey All The Time, 12. shiny happy fits of rage 153:365

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This meme was even harder than the last one. I know that once I choose an answer I am going to think of another answer that would have fit better. Music has always been important to me. I feel that the music in a person's life is what defines them. Maybe I am just thinking too hard. I am not really finding the 'real' me so to speak, in this meme. Well who I always thought was the 'real' me. So, I am answering these questions for the here and now and putting aside the old stand-by's from the past. Knowing me, they will probably change by tomorrow anyway.

1. What's your favorite song? This is a hard question to answer as I kind of have two. "The Promise" by When in Rome and "Subculture" by New Order.
2. Favorite genre of music? (Classical, Jazz, Country, Pop...) I don't know what they call it now-a-days. Indie/Alternative/Emo. It used to be Alternativey/Gothy/Punkish back in the olden days. You know, all the cool stuff that you would NEVER hear on the radio.
3. Favorite musician (add singer/band to end if necessary)? It changes but currently, My Chemical Romance.
4. What was the last song you listened to/are currently listening to? "Loose Lips" by Kimya Dawson.
5. What type of music do you dislike? Rap
6. What instrument do you like to listen to the most? It really depends on what music I am listening too. I do like to listen to guitar especially when the parts are really intricate.
7. What instrument do you most like to play (or would like to learn)? I most like to play the piano. I really do miss not having mine in the house.
8. Where do you go or what do you listen to when you're sad? I don't listen to anything in particular when I am sad, but I can say that listening to ELO, Erasure, and currently Midnight Juggernauts sure does seem to put me in a super mood! It has to be something you can dance too.
9. What was the last concert or musical event you attended (add singer/band to end if necessary)? Tesla
10. What concert or musical event do you wish you could have attended? Or a performer you would have loved to have seen live? Michael Hutchence & INXS back in 1988.
11. You and your sweetie, what's your 'song'? If you aren't paired off, what song do you think it might be? There isn't one. Although when we first started dating he sure did sing "The Joker" by The Steve Miller band, a lot. Romantic, isn’t it? LOL! I guess he liked my peaches.
12. What song gets stuck in your head the most? (For good or for bad...) Usually it's "Ashes to Ashes" by David Bowie, but TODAY I cannot get "Anyone Else But You" by the Moldy Peaches to stop playing in my head. It does not help that today the hubby is singing it too. Hey! Maybe we have found OUR song after all!

June 9, 2008

My brain is full.

Work has filled my brain and by this last weekend I think it had it's fill.

I have been steadily working on my cases at work. I am finally working on the main part of the job, abstracting. The first day went slowly but I picked up steam after that. Each day I managed to work on more cases than the previous day. I know that getting more familiar with the program helps but I wonder if I am doing fabulously with the information I am entering or if I am totally screwing up. I learn something new every day but then I also have more questions each day. Hopefully they will be answered on Wednesday when the gal who is helping me comes in to look over my work. I really do hate having to wait and it bothers me when I have to pass something over. But I really cannot complain since I do have someone that is willing to come over and give me a hand with how to do things.

Today was another full day. I worked on only one case for the better part of the day. This one had all the bells and whistles so there was a lot more information that I had to find. I cannot wait until I am comfortable enough not to have anymore questions. Well at least not that many.

Oh and about the picture. These are the manuals I have to use everyday. I had to carry them back and forth each day of the workshop. They left nice long bruises on my shoulders. I am so glad that they are now at work and I don't have to lug them back and forth. However, I can tell ya that they sure do hurt when I happen to drop them on my head when I am trying to place them on the shelf above my desk.

June 4, 2008

My meme...aka...the meme of ME!

My meme...aka...the meme of ME!
1. stefani, circa 2005., 2. 145/365 cherry bomb!, 3. tucson high 2, 4. Orange Sunflower, 5. Gerard Way, 6. Cherry Pepsi, 7. Positano, 8. Mint Chocolate Chip Goodness, 9. Nace un bebé, nace una mamá / A baby is born, a mom is born, 10. "I Love My Family" - This Way, 11. Silly Me, 12. {320/365}

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I am already so behind on uploading my 365day pictures and here I am being sucked into the world of meme. I will NOT tell you all how long it took me to do this simple little meme. I am NO good when it comes to answering any type of questions about myself.

1. What is your first name? Stefani
2. What is your favorite food? Cherries
3. What high school did you go to? Tucson High
4. What is your favorite color? Browns mostly. At the moment orangey rusty brown.
5. Who is your celebrity crush? Okay. I admit it. Sigh.
6. Favorite drink? Cherry Pepsi (couldn't tell you when I last drank one though)
7. Dream vacation? Positano
8. Favorite dessert? Ice Cream. I have been testing out a few new flavors lately but Mint Chocolate Chip has always been my all-time fave.
9. What you want to be when you grow up? A Mom
10. What do you love most in life? My Family
11. One Word to describe you. Silly
12. Just me :)

June 3, 2008


It's late and I really should be in bed. I always seem to find lots I need to do right before I head in for the night.

Tonight, the hubby had a friend over so I checked out Dr. Who using Netflix's online movie option. It wasn't so bad once I downloaded and installed all the updates I needed. Now that I know how it works I hope they add a few more titles to their online selection. Make that, more recent titles. Most of what I see are older movies. Not saying that is bad but I usually have to be in a certain mood to watching something older.

Today was actually pretty productive. At work, the program we use actually worked for most of the day. So after a week and a day after my training, I can proudly say that I actually completed my first abstract (case). I am pretty happy about it. Now I just need to have someone check it to make sure I did it right so that I can send it up to the state. I don't think I will be comfortable about the whole thing until I know that I am doing it right. But once I am comfortable I will be able to start working on the hundreds (probably more like a thousand) cases that are waiting to be completed. Ouch! Wish me luck! I am sure I will need all that I can get.

Well the lights have all been turned off and now it is time for the computer to be put to bed, as well as myself. Good night.

June 2, 2008

Time goes by...

Originally uploaded by DreamsOfNyssa
I really don’t know where the weekends go these days. They just seem to whiz by and I get nothing accomplished. I think I am still not used to the hubby’s new schedule. He used to have Thursday and Sunday off. Now he has Friday and Saturday. We still have one day off together and one day apart but I feel like he is always around. Not that this is bad, but I don’t seem to be getting stuff done like I should.

I can say though, that I do have plans to scrap sometime soon. I am participating in a traditional friendship swap on my Scrapals group. (Well it is not MY group but I don’t know how else to word it). I have not done one of these for I don’t know how long but the picture I used was from my 1st wedding anniversary so, 9 years. I think it was the first friendship swap we did. I think it’s about time for an update. I will have to see if I can find that old page. It will be interesting to see the differences in scrapping styles and in myself over the years.

May 31, 2008

So disapointed

No. Let me rephrase that. I am actually pretty ticked. I was just screwed by Alltel and there is nothing I can do about it. The day before my trip, I had to buy a new cell phone. My first cell phone finally bit the dust and I needed a phone for my trip. So we head off to the nearby Alltel to get a new phone. The rebate offer helped to seal the deal. They even printed out an extra receipt and paper clipped it to the rebate offer. Also, paper clipped to this was some other offers and the sales person's card. We were told we had 60-days for the rebate and the rebate form also had this boldly printed on the bottom of the form.

So, I leave the next day for my trip. I am now back and decide to fill out the information for the rebate. I remove the sales person's card and find that she had covered up a very important piece of information. The rebate ended on May 29th. The sales person never mentioned an ending date and in fact when she talked to us in detail about the rebate she had already had her extra stuff paper clipped to it so there was no way at that time we would have noticed that we only were given a week for our rebate. I am so disappointed to be out of pocket for this money. At least I can still take the phone back and I will be so very sad to do so but it may end up being the only option. It may actually be the best option. Then I can head on over to Best Buy and see what phone they offer for free. I was told by a co-worker that she got her phone (the same as mine) for free from Best Buy when her carrier wanted her to pay for it. So much for customer loyalty.

May 29, 2008

Where did May go?

Originally uploaded by DreamsOfNyssa
Whew! The month of May just seemed to rush by. I cannot believe it is already going to be June. So much has happened this month.

I of course got the hairs cut. I am now learning the concept of having a bad hair day. This also means I have to actually spend time on my hair and comb it. It had been a year since my last cut. I knew I had bad split ends but the gal that cut my hair was supposed to take care of that. I told her to cut off as much as she needed at the bottom. She kept it pretty long though and I am finding so many split ends that I am afraid to color my hair. Hair does not look pretty when the ends are white. I am wondering if I should call her and ask her to trim the ends. It has been a couple of weeks since I got the cut so I wonder how much she will charge me. Have any of you done that? Gone back to the hairstylist to get the original cut ‘fixed’? This is a first for me. Makes me miss my Uncle even more. He would know exactly what to do. But of course he would not be afraid to chop off all the bad ends to begin with.

This month I have also had my first job review. I have made it to my 90-day mark so now I am eligible for health insurance. Well on the 1st I will be. I.CANNOT.WAIT! My body is starting to fall apart and I SO need to go to the doctor. Well first I need to find one. Ever since my last doctor (if he could even call himself that), I have been quite leery about going. I am overwhelmed at finding a new doctor. I just don’t want to make the wrong choice.

Last week I had the opportunity to go on my first business trip. I had to go up to the State Department to get some additional training on the main part of my job. It was nice being out of town for the week. The drive up was a bit hectic. What should have taken about 1 ½ hours took nearly three! There was construction and cops all the way up and once I hit the capitol it all came to a standstill. Then came the fun of driving downtown looking for the building and parking garage I was supposed to use. It all worked out and even though I was late I ended up not missing a single part of the presentation except for the introductions. I got to stay at a nice hotel, in a super huge suite, where I was pretty much the only girl there. I have also learned that traveling business men can be kind of loud.

I was excited to come back to work this week and get started on this backlog of cases but the system has been down the entire week. So I have been a bit bummed about that. I hope I get to use what I learned before I forget it.

May 26, 2008

There have been some changes

Lots of things happening around here.

Lots of changes. Lots of learning. Lots of traveling too. But for now, I am home. It feels good to be back but I kind of wish I could leave again.

May 14, 2008

How should I feel?

How should I feel?
Originally uploaded by DreamsOfNyssa
I came across this today. I guess I really don't know how I 'feel' about it. I thought at first it was kind of cool. The website is a neat idea. But then I noticed that you could save the photos. Then I found that many people have uploaded these photos into their own Flickr account. The website mentions Creative Commons copyright but this picture of mine sure is not and the same is true for quite a few pictures I came across.

I know there are a lot of sites out there that gather pictures from Flickr and all over the web but those usually take you right to the original photo page when you click on them. The website may have a link back to my original photo on their page but it also altered the photo and added their own info. If the photo is downloaded from the site then they have no way of knowing who it originally belonged to. Plus there is a reason I edited the picture the way I did. This just makes me feel totally different about it.

May 12, 2008

This is me.

I got the link to this survey while visiting a friend's blog. I thought the results were pretty interesting. I would have to say that it is pretty accurate. Surprisingly accurate. Especially in the career choices. :) Now that was interesting. I used to want to be a vet when I was younger.

You Are An ISFP

The Artist

You are a gifted artist or musician (though your talents may be dormant right now).

You enjoy spending your free time in nature, and you are good with animals and children.

Simply put, you enjoy beauty in all its forms and live for the simple pleasures in life.

Gentle, sensitive, and compassionate - you are good at recognizing people's unspoken needs.

In love, you are quiet and sweet yet very passionate. You love easily.

You have an underlying love for all living things, and it's easy for you to accept someone into your heart.

At work, you do best in an unconventional position. You express yourself well and can work with almost anyone.

You would make a good veterinarian, pediatrician, or composer.

How you see yourself: Sympathetic, kind, and communicative

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Incompetent, insecure, and overly sensitive

May 10, 2008

They could be my cats! LOL~

The picture from yesterday's post was one from my 365 project set. One of the comments I got on the photo was about corporate cuddling and included a link to this video. This is seriously the funniest thing I have come across in the longest time. Watching these cats is like watching my own! I showed it to the husband and he could not stop laughing. Of course he had to immediately try out the cat yodeling. LOL~

So do engineers really only eat peanut butter and jelly? LOL~

May 9, 2008


*help!*  {298/365}

I cannot believe that I have been captured! I have been given the most terrible torture of all. The cuddle torture. I must stay brave. I must not be weak for this goes against everything that makes me the cat that I am! I will only be touched when I want to be and NEVER NEVER will I be held!! I will never let the giants win! I will not let them hear me purr. I will never let down my guard. I will bravely live the rest of my 9-lives in this prison.

With all the braveness in the world.

Your faithful feline,

Stinky McStink Butt

p.s. Please send help soon!

May 5, 2008

*If the sandal fits...*

Since I have had to buy new clothes for the J.O.B. I have been forced to buy new shoes as well. ;)

I found these. They are really cute and have a bit of a heel. So they probably won't get worn to work that often. LOL!

The only problem...I cannot walk in them. I have never been able to walk in these slip-on type of sandals. I seem to be always griping my toes so that either the shoes don't fly off while I am walking or so I don't trip. I always seem to be drag my feet when I wear them. Well at least one of my feet. Not a very graceful look I assure you. LOL!

May 2, 2008

I missed Grey's for this?

Originally uploaded by DreamsOfNyssa
Saturday is National Scrapbook Day. All the scrappy places are having sales and the local scrapbook stores are no exceptions. Last night, I had the opportunity to go to the local scrapbook store's sale before the sale. It was a special pre-sale for all of us that spend way too much money in the store. I have never been to one of these special events and decided it was about time that I did. Especially since I probably won't make the 'special' list this year. I was hoping to find some cool new things to buy but there really wasn't much that I HAD to have. There really wasn't anything new. I did manage to buy the 12-inch platform for the QK Revolution but they did not have any of the new 12-inch dies. I am still debating that particular purchase, by the way. I still managed to spend alot and came home with Stickles, which I have never used before and a few bottles of very over-priced glitter. I just could not resist those pretty colors and all that sparkle.

During the sale we played Bingo. I was excited to actually win one of the Bingo games. I was given a nicely wrapped present which I waited until I got home to open. I shook it and it sounded like chipboard and I was hoping I won something that was new and exciting. Imagine my surprise, okay really, my disapointment when I opened my prize to find that it was in no way scrappy related. It was not even something sold in the store. It was just a puzzle. :(

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