September 5, 2008

Feeling older than I am

I don't know what I did but it sure does hurt.

I was fine all day until after I got home. I laid on my back on the bed for a bit and fell asleep for probably no longer than 30 minutes. When I got up I felt fine but just a bit achey, which is pretty much the norm for me. B and I were going to go grocery shopping so I slipped on my shoes and off we went.

The pain I feel is in my right leg and is pretty sharp. It hurts right where the leg is attached to the rest of my body. The pain happens when I turn my leg or even lift it a couple of inches.

I noticed it a bit when I was trying to get into the car (I was driving). I could barely lift my leg to get it into the car. It bothered me a bit while I was shopping but I just kept on walking and hoping I would walk it off. It really hurt when I was trying to get back in the car after shopping. Try getting in a lowered car without bending your leg. Then I realized that I could not even lift it to step on the brake (oh that was fun). Good thing I did not have far to drive.

We stopped at one other store (where I parked on an incline). When I tried to get back in the car, I really had to lean back and almost felt as though I would fall backwards. Once home, I took the flip-flop off from my left foot but then could not get the shoe off my right foot because I could not lift it the couple of inches in order to do so.

I already have problems with pain in my left foot and heel, and now I have this new fun thing to deal with.

Basically I am a mess. I am unable to walk. I am unable to drive and you should see me try to get dressed (or undressed). I hope that when I wake up in the morning the pain will be all gone. Keep your fingers crossed.

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