September 27, 2008

Saturday surprise

Today I have planned a surprise. Well I think it is a surprise. I hope that the hubby thinks it is one too because the surprise is kind of for him. I need to pick up the surprise between 10-3pm. Since it is now 11 o'clock I guess I had better get my butt in gear and go run that errand!

You is our 11th anniversary. As a surprise I ordered a cake from the cakery that made our wedding cake. When we got married the cake we ordered came with a free first anniversary cake. Basically the top layer/tier of the wedding cake (you know the part you are supposed to freeze and eat on your 1-year anniversary). They normally don't sell those but I called them and they said they would do it. It was such a yummy cake too. I hope it tastes as good as we remember.

On a side note....I have also started posting again to my photo blog. That way those of you that want to see my challenge photos but do not like Flickr don't have to go to Flickr. Plus I think the photos look better on the blog background.

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