November 24, 2014


Exactly 1 year ago, to the day (which is very weird by the way), I bought myself a new pair of glasses. It was long overdue and as usual it was a long process which involved going back multiple times for replacement lenses and other various issues. I always seem to have issues when I buy a new pair of glasses. Sadly, the issues pretty much are always due to the place where I buy them.

Needless to say, I am very careful when I get a new pair of glasses because I dread ever having to go back.

For a while now my glasses have been sitting a little crooked. I work late and by the time I get out of work, the eyeglass place is always closed. Today, I had an early day so I went down to get my eyeglass frames adjusted. The guy who adjusted my glasses completely scratched up both of the lenses. The entire right lens is covered in hairline scratches. The left lens is almost as bad.

I was so proud of myself, that after a year, I only had one scratch on one lens (which coincidentally happened the last time I got them adjusted). This time, I made sure my lenses were clean before I went so that they wouldn't have to clean them and so that I could avoid any scratches. As soon as the guy took my glasses I noticed he sprayed something on the lenses and smeared them up. After making the adjustments, he did some more rubbing of the lenses. I noticed when I got home that the lenses were all smeared and needed to be clean. I went to wash them with soap and noticed that what I thought were smears and streaks were actually scratches.

Now I need entirely new glasses. That's how bad the damage is. When I look through the lenses, all I see is haze and glare bouncing off the haze.

I called the store when I got home but it was a few minutes before their closing time and they had already closed up. I left a message but my plan is to go in first thing in the morning and see what they will do for me. I have a sinking feeling that I will be left having to buy a whole new pair of glasses. I worry that since I didn't notice the scratches until after I left, that they won't believe me.


UPDATE 11/30/14:  I am a happy camper. I went back to the store to show them the scratched lenses. They have ordered new lenses for me at no charge. I was told that when they heat up the glasses (to adjust them) that the heat can crack the coating on the lenses. Apparently, it is really rare. So of course it had to happen to me.

November 20, 2014

Popcorn clouds

Some days the sky is so pretty you just have to take as many photos of it as you can.

Popcorn clouds ☁️

Some days the sky is so pretty you just have to take as many photos of it as you can.

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