March 20, 2012


noun /ˈfōl(ē)ij/ 
Plant leaves, collectively
  • - healthy green foliage

I bought a new plant and I have no idea what kind it is. Do you?

March 1, 2012

Socks revisited

While in the midst of my Saroyan pity party, I decided to face ignore the problem and start a brand new yarny project.

Or shall I say, REstart a brand new yarny project called knitting socks.

Apparently, I can knit a tube like nobody's business. I have made it to the heel flap and I am looking forward to the hard parts. I really hope I can make it past the hard parts.

As for my pity party....I think it may be near its end.

My original plan was to ignore the problem, hoping that the yarn would miraculously join on its own. But, I decided to look at it again and I actually think I may have it this time. Unfortunately that leaves me with a whole new problem, which project do I work on now?

knitted sock in progress

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