December 29, 2008

October 2008

I finally uploaded all my project365 photos for October. Between broken fingers (well just one broken finger), less Internet time then I am used to and just having way too much to took me awhile. I am already okay with the knowledge that I will be uploading my Christmas photos come this February. Well at least I tell myself that I am okay with it.

October 2008  [project 365]

1. My life is just one big pile of stuff., 2. Princess Moody-Pants, 3. Twilight, 4. gown, 5. Eegee's, 6. it's blartzy., 7. beerkeh, 8. kitteh toyz, 9. comfy, 10. It's all about the Facebook, 11. In a patch of sunlight, 12. iCan, 13. Keeping it all together, 14. Every ball of yarn dreams of becoming something more., 15. friendship, 16. just a bunch of apples, 17. HeroClix, 18. dessert, 19. tassels & flowers, 20. red, 21. Chuck, 22. night light, 23. Colgate, 24. Trying to Better my Home and Garden, 25. blossoms, 26. Desperate HouseKitties, 27. kitchen duty, 28. It's all about the mint, 29. red dahlia, 30. recipe, 31. no tricks...just treats

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