July 22, 2008

I am sure my computer misses me

Lately I have been pretty much on a computer hiatus. I seem to not even turn the thing on during the weekend and when I do, I don't really do much. I kind of like it but I am finding that it is starting to cause some problems. What kind you ask? Well....for example, I have a MySpace account. I signed up for it in order to keep in touch with my sister while she was living in France. I rarely log in but lately I have been trying to login a bit more often. You know, like maybe once a month. Well now I find that it will probably be much better for me if I login more often. Why you ask? Well twice now I have logged in to find that I have missed an old friend that has been in town. :( So now I just have to figure out how often I need to log in. Just one more thing that I need to add to my list of stuff to do when I get online. Sigh. There are just not enough hours in the day to get everything done that I need to get done.

One of the things I did while on this past weekend's computer hiatus was to go and see The Dark Knight.

Have you seen it? What did you think?

The husband and I have decided that after watching this movie we will no longer be going to the movie theatre. We went to the matinée movie at $6.50 each. Then we bought 2 sodas. The total for the movie came out to over $21. Don't get me wrong. The movie was super awesome! I am amazed at the wonderful job Heath Ledger did. But now that we have Blu-Ray/High Def at home we are so spoiled. Last week or so we bought the high def version of Batman Begins. The DVD had the first 6-minutes of The Dark Knight in high definition. Can I just say "Oh Wow!" It was amazing! The detail is the best. So when we went to the theatre this past weekend we could really tell the difference. The movie was so FLAT. It just seemed grey. In high def, the windows on the building sparkle. In high def, you can see the wrinkles on the ass of Heath Ledger's pants. In high def, movies just seem to be a bit more interesting. So, we have decided that we will just wait. Wait for the movie to come out on DVD so that we can watch it at home. It is cheaper, it looks better and plus we can watch it in our underwear!


  1. I did not see The Dark Night, but heard it was awesome! Instead, I went to see Momma Mia! which was awesome too! Love musicals - and this is better than Grease OR Dirty Dancing as far I was concerned. It is a chick flick - find some friends to go with. It is so light spirited and fun.

  2. okay... being able to watch things while in your underwear certainly ranks high!! lol
    we don't have the bluray... but still i love to be in pjs and not have to endure noisy people around me.

    i don't think i'll see dark night, because it is, well... dark! i just can't handle that type of movie anymore, it stays in my visual memory too long.

    i also like movies on demand... don't you agree? that's only 3.99 through our service.

  3. EB, I really want to see Mama Mia. I had thought I would go with my sister last week but we ended up just hanging out at home. Which turned out to be very enjoyable. I know that B does not want to go and see it, so either I go by myself, find someone to go with me or wait for it to come out on DVD. Knowing me, I will probably be seeing it for the first time on DVD. That will probably be best as I am sure I will be singing along! :)

    I tell ya Sandy. Not having to worry about what you wear while watching a movie really helps with the enjoyment of it. LOL! Plus, being able to pause it if I have to run to the little girls room does not hurt either. Once I sit myself down at the theatre I do NOT get up until the movie is over. Not fun when I am drinking a big soda.

    As for the darkness of the film. It really is a pretty violent film. Not one for the young ones that is for sure.

    We use Netflix to rent our movies so we have not used the On Demand service for pay movies. We do use the On Demand for the free stuff though and I think that is pretty darn cool. Now if only it were ALL free. :)

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