August 9, 2005

I am a loser…

…of weight that is.

Thing is, I have not told anyone. Well except for my Dad who told my Mom, so I had to tell her. B does not know. I am sure he suspects something as I have been writing everything I eat down and have been making comments like “I cannot really eat that right now”. I will not come right out and tell him and that is hard for me. I don’t want him to deflate my motivation. He is not mean but I take what he says WAY too sensitively. If I tell him I am dieting/watching what I eat, he will say ‘well eating right will not work without exercise’. That deflates me every single time he says it. It makes me feel like I have failed before I even start.

This time it is different. I am going to wait for him to say something first. I have so far to go that he has lots of time to say something. LOL!

So far I have lost 5.4 pounds. That is a first for me in a week. I think that stopping a particular RX is helping too. I cannot wait to weigh-in on Thursday.


  1. That is awesome Stef! I want to start exercising again. Even bought a pilates and am looking for a yoga cd. But I hate exercising in front of people. Someone always walks into the living room. Hopefully after we move I can set up a small exercise room. I too have been saying no to some things but I have very little willpower.... Good for you! You inspire me.

  2. Great job! Doesn't losing weight feel great. Diet changes will help you lose weight, you've just proven it! Keep it up and you will achieve what you want.

  3. Thank you Amber. I hear ya on the exercising in front of people. B is always home and it is so hard to find time to myself.

    Thanks R. My goal is to have you take me rock climbing one of these days! :-)

    Tomorrow (thurs) is weigh-in day. I cannot wait!

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