June 6, 2007

A couple of Yay's and a Boo

Yesterday I had a wonderful surprise. My page made layout of the day over at CMK! Not only is there a thread on the message board to discuss it but it also is spotlighted on the main page of the site.

I am super excited! It sure did make my day.

Today, I went to take some challenge tests to see if I can skip certain modules/courses when I go back to school. I know I passed two of the tests so far, but I have to wait for the others to be graded. I am going back tomorrow to take even more tests. Wish me luck! I am looking forward to going to school but it still kinds of bothers me that I will not be getting any type of credits for the courses I take. However, after my course work is finished, I will be able to participate in an externship and get the job experience I need.

On the way home, I stopped by the Michael’s down the street from the school. I wanted to see if they had the Studio G clear stamps. I am so happy to report that they sure did!! I got all of the sets in the pink series ~ well I think I got all of them. I even had a second set in my basket with the intention of maybe selling them on eBay but I thought it would probably end up being too much work for not too much of a profit and put them back. Last week there were only a couple of auctions for these stamps but when I look today there are tons with no bids so maybe it was a good thing that I did not buy them.

I am a bit bummed though. I purchased a QuicKutz Silhouette off eBay exactly one week ago. The payment was taken out of my account immediately and I have received NO communication from the seller! I sent an email yesterday asking when it shipped and she still has not responded. I wonder if I should send an email every day until she does. What bothers me is that she re-listed the same item the day after my purchase but I notice that a lot of people seem to do that even though the item has already received feedback. I checked her feedback the other day and she did actually get a one recent negative. The complaint was that it had been two weeks and item had not shipped and no contact from seller. Of course, she has received other positive feedback comments after this one and they all state that communication was good. I would think that one day should have been enough for her to answer yesterday’s email. Don’t you think?

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  1. Congrats on layout of the day!

    Stinks about the eBay thing---hopefully she'll come through! I'd keep emailing.

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