June 20, 2007

That's no moon.

Last Saturday night I went over to a friend’s for their last movie night before their cross-country move. We watched “Star Wars” under the stars. I thought it was fun but I would have probably enjoyed it a whole lot more if it were not the last time I would see Rachel. She is my scrapping muse. I don’t know how I will learn how to scrap properly without her here.

The original Scrappay Divas!


I am getting one step closer to going to school. I met this week with the dean/administrator of the department and filled out all the school paperwork. I had went a couple of weeks ago and tested out of as many courses as I could. They kept telling me that they have never had ANYONE challenge out of (and pass) so many courses. I was introduced to some staff and even some current and former students. All were told about how I challenged out of so many courses. In fact the dean even listed them for all to hear. I don’t know if that is a good thing or not but it sure did make me feel good – and smart too. :) In fact I did so well with these tests that I am starting out in “Phase II” of the training and skipping “Phase I.” I have reduced the hours that I will need to take by about 300 or so. Now all I need to do is meet with my counselor and hopefully I will get approved to attend. That’s the thing that concerns me right now. They have you do all this work and fill out all this paperwork before you are even approved to attend. But, if everything works out ~ I will be starting my training on July 9th! Yay! Now I just need a car to get me there and I will be all set.


Thanks for all the ideas on how to work with my hair. I did manage to use some of B’s pomade the other day and although it is not something that will work with my hair, I kind of got an idea of how the stuff works. And thanks to Rachel (check out her new 'do), I went and bought the same product she got for her new haircut. Now I am ready to have “surf hair!”
Where's the beach???

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  1. Watching star wars under the stars sounds tooo fun!

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