May 7, 2007

I am all out of titles

Today seemed to pass by way too quickly. I think it is because I have dial-up. I like to blame EVERYTHING on dial-up! LOL!

Before I knew it, B {or my Scrubby} was home from work and there were grey clouds in the sky. I was surprised to look out the window and see these clouds. It was so shiny just a bit earlier. The tree is what really caught my eye. It does not show up very well in the picture but the bright yellow buds were such a contrast with the darkening sky. I hope we get a little rain from these clouds and that they are not just passing by.

I am still out of work. I have made the decision to go back to school. I called the school today and found out I am not eligible for the class that I wanted to take. Good thing I called them before I filled out all the paperwork. There sure is a lot of paperwork when you go thru a County program but I now know what my next steps are and I hope to make all my testing appointments tomorrow and be on my way to a new career.

Oh and here are the scrapbook pages I completed this weekend for the festivities at CMK. I sure did have fun working on these pages. I think it was just what I needed!


  1. Awesome pages Stef! I'll have to CASE them because they're perfect for my "boy" pages!

  2. How exciting to go back to school!!! I love yur LO's too!

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