May 29, 2007

Today I feel smart

It feels good to be able to post.

All day yesterday, I did not really think there was a problem with my computer. I was not able to get into Blogger and couldn’t post any comments. I thought it was typical Blogger and planned to wait until it was back up and running. That is until today when I could not get into my bank account. I could not get into any other secure sites either. So off to troubleshoot I went. One thing that I really do love about my previous job was that it taught me how to fix my own computer problems. I even fixed issues I did not know I had. I was never able to download my bank info directly into my Quicken but after what I did today, I am able to do it all (although it does seem to take a lot longer to download than when I do it manually). I am very proud of myself. :-)

Today, I feel smart.

1 comment:

  1. Congrats on finding out you're a genius! :-)I love smart days! lol

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