March 28, 2009

Too short

The weekend is just not long enough. It will be over after tomorrow and I am not ready for it to end.

We did not end up going anywhere today. We stayed home and watched a couple of movies and I even attempted to get my scrap on but a lovely migrane headache had to intrude on any attempts at craftiness. So not much of anything really got done today.

I have gotten even more behind in uploading my daily photos. I have such a hard time deciding which photo to use. Even photographs of the weeds in our backyard are not exempt.

I hate making decisions

I will probably go with the middle one. But then again.....I am not sure.

The other day I started reading Midnight Sun. Have you read it? I have only read the first chapter but I have to say that I do like it so far. A different view point is always nice at fleshing out a character. I hope that one day Stephenie Meyer will change her mind and publish it.

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