May 8, 2005

Time sure flies

I cannot believe how fast the weekend flies by when all a person does is sleep. Just like when I was little and on a car trip. My mom would always tell me "take a nap and we will be closer to getting there'. I always thought it was because she wanted my brother and I to stop bugging them. :-) I have not been online or anywhere away from home really since Thursday of last week. I called in sick on Friday and slept most of the day away. Saturday I had to myself and again I found myself sleeping. Today I just slept in as I usually do on a Sunday but did not the entire day. Maybe because B was here. Well I know it was because of him being home that I did not sleep away the day. He would kill me if he knew that I did that. I don't know why there are days when all I would rather do is sleep. I guess sometimes the dreams are so much better than the real thing.

I did manage to get out of the house today. B and I went grocery shopping. We so did not plan this shopping trip and did spend a ton. It was nice though as we have not been shopping in quite a long time and needed everything. I am surprised that we did not buy any junk food except potato chips for our lunches. Oh and yes......a box of bullet pops. B went to see his Mom for Mother's day and I went to visit mine. Since B's parents moved so far out of town, it is not as convenient to just stop by and visit. I lucked out that my brother also stopped by while I was visiting my Mom. It was good to see the babies. The twins are sick and one has pneumonia (thanks to the doctor that said it was only a cold and nothing more). Thanks to the doctor's assistant who insisted there was something on the x-rays and found the pneumonia. I don't know how my sister-in-law does it. She sure does have her hands full.

As for reading, I hope to get back in the mood as I have tons of books checked out from the library. I just finished reading SecondHand Bride by Linda Lael Miller. This was the last in a trilogy. I really enjoyed the series and have checked out some other books by this author. I really like stories of pioneer women. I did luck out and got one of the first copies of Full Bloom by Janet Evanovich and Charlotte Hughes. I started this book yesterday and so far so good. Since this book is so popular I need to read it now as I will not be able to re-check it out for quite awhile (already 50 people have it reserved). I am just a few pages into the book and in typical Janet style I am laughing already. If it wasn't for B already being in bed I would be off this computer and reading it right now!

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