May 2, 2005


Why is it when kids get caught in a lie they get all defensive and then keep glancing at you with daggers in their eyes?

I had meant to write last week about a young boy who came to my door and asked me if there was any garbage he could take out for .50 cents. Not having .50 cents I told him 'No'. Fast forward to the next week. Same little boy pounding on my door. This time he asked if there was any garbage he could take out for $1.00. Having actually no garbage this time. I again said 'No'. Now talk about a raise. I would love to have a raise of .50 cents from one week to another. :-)

Fast forward to Saturday. I watched as my neighbor walked by my window on her way to walk her dog. When she came back 2 little boys (not the one that has been coming to my door) were following her. I saw she gave them a bag of garbage which they promptly threw over the fence and took off with the money.

I went to my neighbor and told her what happened. She was not too happy and since you can be fined for 'wildcat dumping' I am sure she will not like it if she has a fine due to this bag being thrown on private property (it is fenced and we cannot get to it).

As I was getting my mail I happened to have these two little boys walk by me counting their money. I asked the one who I saw throw the bag over the fence if he was throwing garbage bags over the fence. Instead of asking me what I was talking about he said 'No. No I didn't. Not me!' (Yeah sure!) I told him that I saw him do it and he shut up really quick. As I was walking back to my apartment both boys kept stealing glances at me. In fact as I watched them walk thru the parking lot they kept looking at me like suspiciously. The youngest one even peaked around the dumpster at me (LOL!) I guess they thought I was going to run after them. I guess they thought that since the majority of the apartments in the back are empty that no one would see them throw the garbage over the fence.

I have since found garbage bags in front of the empty apartment next door (nasty ones too) and stashed by other buildings around the complex.

I cannot stand thieving liars. These little boys are not even in their teens. I would say their ages are 8 and 10. I just feel bad for the original little boy that was taking out garbage for money as he has nothing to do with these two little boys. I never even imagined that they would dump the garbage and take off with the money. I think that if they come to my door I will tell them either 'No' (and a few other things)or tell them they have to take the garbage to the dumpster first (while I watch) and then they can get their money. I am hesitant to say anything though as I don't trust these kids not to damage my property as they have already shown to be heading the way of the delinquent. Sad thing is.....their mom probably does not even care!

My brother and I would never have even thought to do something like this (my mom would have killed us). My nephews are even above doing this (my mom would kill them too!). I guess I just expect other kids to be as honest as my family is honest. Of course I don't know why I feel that way. That must be a sign that I am getting old.

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