August 2, 2006

Today is better

Tuesday ended up not being a very good day for me. It was another day of very little sleep. I think I only got 2-3 hours. Work was actually very productive but I found that I had both sets of keys with me and since B was going to run some errands for me, I took an hour lunch and drove home to drop off the keys. Because of the long lunch that meant I had to stay late so I did not leave work until 7pm. So I call B to let him know I was on my way home and found out he did not do the errands that he offered to do for me. Yeah, I was ticked. So instead of driving home I had to stop by Target to pick up a few things. Oh yeah and I also picked up some extra things just for me, like shoes on sale for $3.64 and something for my hair and a new bra. Yep! I guess when I am ticked I shop. Then on my way home from Target I stopped to get us something to eat. I totally forgot that there are some TV shows I like to watch on Tuesday (I kept thinking it was Wednesday) and I got home at 8:45pm!!!! I was tired, cranky, hungry and had a terrible headache!

Oh but here is a funny. I caught the end of the show ‘Dead like Me.’ The main gal on the show is working in an office and they all scrapbook. The end of the show had all these people around a table with scrapbook stuff. They told the main gal to show them her book and she just had photos in it like a photo album. Her boss tells her ‘that is a mistake that many beginners make, they try to make a scrapbook look like a photo album.’ Now I find that funny cause isn’t that what a scrapbook is?

So now it is Wednesday. I actually slept last night – FINALLY! Of course I did not want to wake up this morning. I am also finding it hard to get motivated at work to. So much so that I did not even get to my Weight Watcher meeting today. I just did not feel like driving over to the other building.

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