August 17, 2006

I'll take this challenge

Here is another layout I realized had the wrong year on it AFTER I scanned it (Man! Why do I keep doing that?). So I tore off the wrong date and put on the correct one. I like this one a bit better as the original had my own handwriting and this one I used a rub-on for the date.

Do you think this layout is plain? I do. I don't know why. Maybe because I compare myself to others? Maybe because there is not alot of STUFF on the page? Or maybe not alot of NEW stuff? I have decided that my style is very definately 'straight.' I don't know how to do 'messy'.

I love this picture of my Dad and Nephew. Little Sammy just has that stare that looks right into you. I think I may have to enlarge the top photo and frame it not just for my Dad but for me as well. All the pictures that I ever enlarge and frame I end up giving away. I have yet to print out any for myself.

While reading blogs yesterday, I came across this one Just a bunch of nothin': can I do it?

I too have a problem with having too much scrap crap. I wonder if I could take the challenge and not buy anything until I finish a certain amount of pages. My problem though is that I am such a slow scrapper that if I decided not to shop for any scrap supplies until I completed .....say 36 would take me a year (or longer). On the other hand it may even motivate me to scrap faster.

I don't see a problem with not buying new scrap items as I mainly scrap from home, but what happens when I crop at a store? I seem to bow to peer pressure when it comes to buying stuff I normally would not buy, but then this peer pressure has opened my eyes to using stuff I normally would not and I love that.

I have a problem with using my stuff. Silly isn't it? I am always afraid of running out of something or using something that may have looked better on a different layout. I really need to change the way I look at using my supplies. On one hand I really want to use up my supplies but on the other hand it freaks me out to think that once I use them, they are gone.

I am worried if I don't buy new stuff that all of my layouts will look the same. I don't know why I feel this way as even when I buy new stuff my layout still look the same. LOL!

I think I want to start this challenge now but I was really looking forward to payday tomorrow. There are some purple flowers I really really want which is silly because I don't use flowers too often on my pages.

Leave it up to me to want to stop shopping just when all the new CHA products are hitting the shelves. So this is what I will do. I will start this challenge AFTER this weekend. AFTER payday.

However, can I count this layout I finished last night as layout #1 towards my goal?

Is this post a list of excuses or what??


  1. stef, don't put conditions on it. Just do it. The purple flowers will be there later. Think of the money you will save. I know you have a huge stash. You can do it! How many pages will you do before you buy something again?

  2. I do NOT think this lo is plain! This is so clean and this is pretty much the way I scrap also. I can relate to the having alot of stuff comment. Every time my husband looks at my scrap area, he realizes there is something new! I'm recording our family's memories damnit! I NEED this stuff. :) Good luck with your goal, you can do it!

  3. First of all -- I LOVE your layout here. I think it's GREAT. I love the balance (three circles at the bottom, three circles on brads at the top on the other side), it just rocks. I'm saving it for inspiration.

    Second -- I know what you mean about the too much stuff thing. I've been dealing with that for a while now, and I'm on two yahoo groups -- ScrappersChallenge and ScrapFromYourStash -- that have really helped me a lot. Basically, I think that if you (not you personally, but the general You) can get your stuff more organized, it's so much easier to create. And also: if you can limit yourself some for a while -- like by not buying anything new! also with challenges and so forth, ScrapFromYourStash has challenges specifically geared towards using what you have -- it can help you be more productive too, because fewer choices = quicker decisions.

    So I'd go with Happay on this one: don't do an caveats, just go for it! (I'm on a no buy for a while here too, I'll do it with you!) And try getting on those groups, even if you do digest mail or read online (they do generate a bit of mail); it's helped me change my whole attitude toward scrapping instead of scrapshopping. :)

  4. I love the layout. Layouts that enhance the picture are ones I like the most. My pages are usually pretty simple and monochromatic.

    I'm with you on trying to make it through supplies before buying a zillion more. I'm working on reducing the effect my scrapping has on the rest of my living space. I hope that you find it to be motivation. Think of it as, "When I complete 20 pages, I can splurge and get [some funky cool product]." I wish I had done that long ago; I might have actually tried using the paint set I bought.

  5. happay - Rach, you are right. I know the purple flowers will be there. I think it is more the Queen and Co that I want to go and get and the worry of running out of sticker letters (I don't know why as I have a drawer full). I know I can do this but what about CKC? If I go to CKC I will have to be able to buy something.

    Stefanie - Thanks for the comment on my layout. I know what you mean about hubby finding something new purchases. I have started to organize and now that everything is starting to be all together instead of hidden all over, he will start to REALLY realize how much I have.

  6. Sam, - Thanks Sam. This is the first time I finally used KI. I have the stuff but never have used it.

    I may have to check out the other yahoogroups you are on. Maybe I can get some ideas and use up the stuff I have. I don't think the problem is using it up, I think the problem is that I am AFRAID to use it up. LOL!

    I think it would be great to be on a no shopping kick for awhile. So the next time we get together to scrap at the store, we can watch each other and make sure we don't fall off the wagon. :)

    brooksba - Thank you. I really do need to reduce the amount of space my stuff takes up. DH and I rented a 2 bedroom and that 2nd bedroom has all of our stuff. Not just my scrapping stuff, but my other crafts, the computer and desk and all of DH's art stuff. His comics and other toys cannot even fit in the room. That is why I am trying to consolidate. We need to make room for the comics because DH will not give up buying them. Sigh.

  7. It ROCKS that you linked my blog!!

    And by the way, I love that LO. That picture says a thousand words indeed....

    And yes, you can do it!! You CAN not buy stuff! I am doing it and I am CRAZED scrap-shopper. I will thankfully be away from the telly on 8-22 when the QVC show is on, because that would ruin my resolve....

    YOU CAN DO IT!!!
    I did 2 LO's last, gonna go post soon as I tackle dinner. Grilled burgers for all!


  8. SB - When I came across the challenge on your blog I just knew that this was something I had to do. I don't really have a problem with QVC but going to the scrapbook store lately on Fridays after work seems to be my problem.

    So with these 2 LO's you finished.....what does your total come to now?

  9. my TOTAL comes to 4, thus far...but I did do a bunch of cards. I am not counting them though because they don't use up the supplies...I am going to post a picture of my re-orginzation. Irt's SCARY how much stuff I have acquired/collected and not used. I was actually thinking through my drawer, forgetting where I was, and I picked something up and said in my head "Oh this is cute...I wish I had one..." then the lightbuld went off..


    If all goes well, I am going to crank out another page tonight. Like you, I am a VERY simple and understated scrapper. So I take forever even though it doesn't look like it...


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