August 13, 2006

Not so good

This weekend that is.

I woke up Friday, sick, so I stayed home.

Saturday started out okay but then B got on a tirade and told me, I could not do anything that day (of course, now he denies it). I had made plans to scrap with some friends starting at noon. So, I planned to go to my morning appointment, come home and do the things B wanted done and then go scrap with my friends later in the afternoon (around 3 or 4) since that is when the other gals were going to get there. Well instead, the scrap-together was cancelled and that made me feel really bad as Saturday was chosen because I could not make it on Friday. I did not mean for it to be cancelled and now I feel everyone hates me.

So, I just came home. I did some laundry and then tried to put up with my headache. I went to buy me some medicine at what I thought was a 24-hour pharmacy but they were closed. Now that it is illegal to buy stupid Sudafed off the shelf, I am out of luck. I guess I am only allowed to be sick during business hours and I cannot even buy extra in case I run out, as the law limits how much you can buy. Stupid drug addicts!!!! They make it worse for the rest of us!

So now, it is Sunday. B is pissed because we have no money and that I check the balance online and tell him about it. He does not like to know and says that normal people don't check the balance. He is an idiot. So now, thanks to him, I will not be able to afford anything for this headache until my payday on Friday. I also don't know how I will get to work this week as there is no gas in the car and I don't even know if it will make it to the gas station as it is totally empty and B never puts gas in it. My cell phone does not work and other bills are due. B does not feel they are important enough to pay. I am so glad that his comics are so important because we would not want him to go a week without buying the stupid things.


  1. Sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Does B stand for Bummer? Just a little sick humor there, hope I wasn't out of line! Hang in there girl! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Oh yes! That would be MAJOR Bummer! LOL!

    Thanks.....I have been feeling better for the most part.

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