August 18, 2006

Hey everybody! It's Friday!!!

Well today it Friday. It is about time too. Hmmmm don't I seem to say that EVERY Friday LOL!

The icky car still won't start. Hopefully the fix won't be too bad on the pocket book. So this morning, I had to drop B off at work and will have to pick him up this evening.

Some of the co-workers are getting together for margaritas at 4pm today. Well THEY are having the margaritas....I am just gonna watch. We have a co-worker visiting from India and we are taking him out! I should have about an hour to hang out before I have to leave to go and pick B up. I had not planned to go and in fact look pretty hideous today but everyone wants me to go and I can always blur myself out of the photos, right?

Now if only I could be motivated to get some work done before 4pm.

As for the challenge. I think I am going to go ahead and do it. I will start this weekend. My only problem is that CKC is next month.So Happay......what say you about that? ;)

Thanks to everyone who commented on my last layout and my decision to take the challenge. I answered all the comments (in the comments). I don't know if you all know that I do that. :) Well what the hey....I will just post the responses here too. :)

  • Happay - Rach, you are right. I know the purple flowers will be there. I think it is more the Queen and Co that I want to go and get and the worry of running out of sticker letters (I don't know why as I have a drawer full). I know I can do this but what about CKC? If I go to CKC I will have to be able to buy something.

  • Stefanie - Thanks for the comment on my layout. I know what you mean about hubby finding something new purchases. I have started to organize and now that everything is starting to be all together instead of hidden all over, he will start to REALLY realize how much I have.

  • Falwyn - Thanks Sam. This is the first time I finally used KI. I have the stuff but never have used it.

    I may have to check out the other yahoogroups you are on. Maybe I can get some ideas and use up the stuff I have. I don't think the problem is using it up, I think the problem is that I am AFRAID to use it up. LOL!

    I think it would be great to be on a no shopping kick for awhile. So the next time we get together to scrap at the store, we can watch each other and make sure we don't fall off the wagon. :)

  • Brooksba - Thank you. I really do need to reduce the amount of space my stuff takes up. DH and I rented a 2 bedroom and that 2nd bedroom has all of our stuff. Not just my scrapping stuff, but my other crafts, the computer and desk and all of DH's art stuff. His comics and other toys cannot even fit in the room. That is why I am trying to consolidate. We need to make room for the comics because DH will not give up buying them. Sigh.

  • SB - When I came across the challenge on your blog I just knew that this was something I had to do. I don't really have a problem with QVC but going to the scrapbook store lately on Fridays after work seems to be my problem.

    So with these 2 LO's you finished.....what does your total come to now?
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    1. I guess you will just have to scrap like crazy to get your pages done so you can buy more. That's what I do...


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