March 30, 2006

Sometimes I am a raccoon

So far today has been a good day. Of course it is early so anything can happen to change that.

I am wearing my contacts today so that means that I probably will not get that much work done. For some reason I cannot concentrate when I am wearing them. It is harder to read the screen but I think that my glasses hold some of my brain. ;-) I get distracted very easily when wearing my contacts. Most of my time is spent cleaning up the raccoon eyes.

Yep. I am now the lucky wearer of raccoon eyes. I used to wear Mary Kay Flawless mascara which was smudge proof. Since all the mascaras have been redone I decided to try the waterproof since they no longer had the smudge proof. Well let me tell you….I. hate. it! It is clumpy and definitely NOT waterproof. Did I mention I. hate. it? I have raccoon eyes right after applying. I keep looking in the mirror all day and that is so NOT me. This mascara thing is making me look very vain. I usually put the stuff on in the morning and then when I am ready to go to bed I wash it off (if there is any left). Also, why is it I always seem to wear more makeup than usual when I do wear my contacts? Is it because I can actually see my face? I sure do end up touching my face a lot more when I wear them though.

So last night after LOST (boy was that a weird episode or what – it sure makes you think) we watched “Flightplan” with Jodie Foster. B kept griping at the screen that she was a psycho. I kind of figured out what was happening from pretty much the beginning. I still liked the movie though.

Here is something weird. I just called home to check on B who had to go to Urgent Care today. The phone picked up after one ring but no one said anything. I could hear the TV in the background but very lightly which is weird as the phone is downstairs with the TV. I just stayed on the line and then it just went to static. Now when I call it is busy. Should I worry?

Update: Well I don't know if this just creeps me out or what. By the way DH is fine. But when I called him he was still at urgent care and not at home. So what freaks me out is.....who answered the phone?


  1. Have you ever tried mark mascara???? You should try it!! Try the tattoo lash it lasts 16 hours!!! Email me for my reference number if you decide to order. I'm a mark rep :)

    I know what you mean about the contact/glasses thing. I always wear more makeup when i have my contacts in. I think becuase you feel open and exposed. With glasses, you can "hide" behind them :)

  2. Thank you for the offer Trish. I will keep it in mind. I still have 2 other MK mascaras to try. :-) 16 hours! WOW! I think that is great.

    I find that I seem to hide behind my glasses alot. I really don't know why.


  3. Ultimate baby ultimate. I am LOVING it! My lashes look fuller and longer and it doesn't rub off as easy when allergies make my eyes water. It does take a little more remover to get it off than the other stuff but its great!!!!

  4. I think that I will try the Ultimate next. Knowing me I will probably end up liking the last one I try which is the Lash Lengthening. LOL! The water proof comes off way to easily when I use the remover so I wonder if it is even waterproof? Maybe that is just a name?

    p.s. ~ You still have not shown me a picture of your pretty eyes with your new mascara.

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