March 13, 2006

Monday Monday

Monday is always a busy day. Today is no exception.

In addition to my regular work I have reports to run that usually take up my entire morning. I guess the team here at work wanted to do some motivational activities. I did not go, one other person on the team did not go and our boss did not go. I was asked before why I would not go and I told them that Monday was not a good day for me. Boy did everyone get upset. After their ‘activity’ I was approached by the person I like the least on this team. She kept harping and even yelling about us not attending the motivational activity. She said that if Monday was not good for me then I should have told everyone. That is what Outlook calendar is for. If the time is blocked off then they should not plan anything. Since they don’t use this calendar then it is not my fault that I did not read their emails or attend. I told her that being yelled at did not make me want to attend at anytime and sure does not help for motivation or team building. I really felt like they all ganged up on me. There was no reason for me to be yelled at because I did not stop my work to go and run around an empty room. The other co-worker and my boss just ignored it – well they got busy staring at the wall and cell phones. I guess since the gal was only saying my name they did not have to listen. At least we got a laugh about it afterwards. Needless to say I will NOT be attending any ‘motivational’ activities in the near future.

Because it is Monday, it always takes me longer to get my butt in gear. I was just getting started when they wanted me to stop. Being from the tech support group I am used to working. These gals are from a group that would stop daily for about ½ hour -1 hour just to play games and fool around. It is fun to do that once in awhile but I don’t like being pressured into doing it. Plus I like to get my work finished. Give me my iTunes and headset and I have all the motivation I need! In fact my boss just had to kick my cube to get my attention to tell me he was leaving. I guess I have the ‘tunes up a bit too loud. Now if I can just keep these ear buds from falling out of my ears as I bop around in my chair.

It has been awhile since I updated my scrapbook pages. Expect to have tons of new pages (and some old pages from the sidebar) to look at soon.

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